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Top Travel Agencies China

13 examples of wholesale tour operators in Latin America

The tourism sector mobilized 1.4 billion international tourists in 2019, equivalent to almost one-fifth of the world’s population. In total, global tourism spending was US$5.85 trillion. This high demand makes tourism a highly competitive industry. Offering a package that meets travelers’ objectives in terms of price, quality and itinerary functionality is complex. It must be […]

What is a retail travel agency? This is how they operate

What is a retail travel agency? This is how they operate

If you are reading this article, the chances are you have an interest in the wonderful world of tourism. You will see in the following sections that there are ample opportunities to create or grow a travel agency. First of all, you need prior knowledge of the market, to conduct an analysis of the right […]

List of 18 Key Travel Agency Suppliers

List of 18 Key Travel Agency Suppliers

In a constantly evolving emerging industry, it is a good practice to periodically evaluate your agency’s suppliers. You can always make adjustments according to your criteria and market-facing strategy. Let’s analyze the requirements together, in the current market conditions. What do we mean by travel agency suppliers? Suppliers are defined as any entity that offers […]

mize blog Top Tour Operators in India

The Top 20 Tour Operators in India

The travel industry in India is quite diverse and includes thousands of businesses. The number of tour operators in India is quite big, which can be challenging if you want to pinpoint the best operators in the sector. It would take you hours of research to do it all by yourself. That’s why we are […]

list of travel agents in europe

The List of 28 Travel Companies, Tour Operators and Travel Agents in Europe

The old continent has more than a couple of jewels famous among avid travelers. However, the travel experience isn’t just about the gorgeous destinations. Travel agents play a crucial role here as they promote destinations while, at the same time, catering to the specific needs of their clients. And, yet, it appears that there is […]

itinerary builder for travel agents

Top 6 Free and Paid Itinerary Builders for Travel Agents

 Making your own travel itinerary templates is a great idea. You have your own workflow, know how to structure it efficiently, and how to distribute it. However, since you are here, you probably have some issues with your trip itinerary template. Maybe you are not satisfied with their design? Do you find it too time-consuming […]

Explore How Travel Companies Benefit From Corporate Partnerships

Explore How Travel Companies Benefit From Corporate Partnerships in 2021

Technology has always had an important role in how businesses operate. Tech solutions bring a variety of options to all business industries, especially the travel industry. Airlines, travel agencies, OTAs, tour operators can all get specialized travel solutions from a leading travel technology firm. This will help them engage customers in a much more profound […]

Best Tips for Keeping Your Travel Company up and Running While Working Remotely

Best Tips for Keeping Your Travel Company up and Running While Working Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted no industry quite like the travel industry. With travel bans, social distancing measures, self-isolation requirements, and more, many companies struggled to stay afloat. Global tourism revenue decreased by around 42.1% compared to the previous year, but things should start looking up with vaccines being underway. Still, it’s critical to stay […]

what are the main types of tourism distribution channels

What are the main types of tourism distribution channels?

For the owners and employees of travel businesses, it’s important to have a good understanding of the distribution channels available to you. The digital revolution means there is a wide choice of online channels today. But do not forget your strategic partnerships and offline channels too. To avoid spending unnecessary time and money, you need […]

how to become a travel wholesaler

How to Become a Travel Wholesaler in 3 Steps

Starting your travel agency or business is easier said than done. There are all kinds of different travel businesses you can try, so you first have to figure out exactly where you see yourself. Do you want to run a travel agency that makes arrangements for people, or are you looking for something more challenging, […]

List of Tourism industry registration association

10 Great Tourism Industry Registration Associations

As a member of the tourism industry, whether you’re a tour operator or a travel agent, you may be wondering how you can grow your network, find new clients or partners, and stay up-to-date on trends. Tourism industry associations offer a myriad of benefits to professionals and companies in the hospitality and tourism sector.  In […]

importance of tour operators

The necessary importance of tour operators in the tourism industry

Tour operators are a key factor in the success of the tourism industry. Tourists count on tour operators to turn their dream vacations into realities. Booking a tour is an easy way for a traveler to experience a foreign land and make sure they hit the best spots. In this article we are going to […]

Role of tour operators in sustainable tourism

Role of Tour Operators in sustainable tourism: Challenges explained and solutions proposed

The travel industry has changed the way in which people view the world. Tour operators have contributed to the development of isolated areas all across the globe – making remote lands accessible to outsiders, empowering communities to represent their cultures, and bringing economic gains to areas that lack resources.  In recent years, people have become […]

web based tour operator software

The 6 Best Web-Based Tour Operator Software

Have you been wondering which tour operator software is best for you? Choosing the right tour operator software is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business. As more travelers and travel agents book online reservations in real-time, a user-friendly web interface and a robust booking management system are two of […]

tour operator business plan

How to create a tour operator business plan in 8 steps

Wondering how to turn your tour operator idea into a real business? The first step to launching a startup and getting investors onboard is to develop a formal proposal called a business plan. Whether you want to start a travel agency, a walking tour company, or an adventure travel business, you will use a business […]

Risks For A Travel Agency

6 Risks for a travel agency business and how to solve them

The role of travel agencies and tour operators in the tourism industry is clearly essential, but these kinds of businesses face a number of risks. Some of these risks apply generally to the retail and service industries and others are specific to the travel industry. There are several challenges for a travel agency (or a […]

Future of tour operators

5 Trends That Could Define the Future of Tour Operators

What is the future of tour operators? What are the new trends? What predictions can we make for the rest of 2020? What predictions for the future in general? The future of business travel Business travel will remain a highly competitive segment for tour operators and travel agents because of its attractive margins. The world […]

6 growth opportunities for tour operators

6 growth opportunities for tour operators

Here are six steps that tour and activity providers can take to grow their businesses. 1. Ask searching question about your business When times are good and revenue is flowing you may not have the time or inclination to ask searching questions about your identity or your exact position in the marketplace. But every now […]

what is a travel host agency

Do you need a travel host agency?

You evidently have an interest in the travel industry. You may already be working as a travel agent or thinking about entering this exciting market for the first time, attracted by the prospect of being your own boss and working from home. You probably already have some idea of what a travel host agency is […]

purpose of online booking system

What is an online booking system and how do I choose one?

Making purchases over the internet is a part of daily life. In the US, e-commerce’s share of total retail sales has doubled in the last six years, and is forecast to reach 13.7% in 2021. And if there is one industry that ecommerce has truly revolutionised, then it’s the travel industry. Globally, 82% of all […]

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