Cristóbal Reali
Head of Sales
Cristóbal Reali, VP of Global Sales at Mize, with over 20 years of experience, has led high-performance teams in major companies in the tourism industry, as well as in the public sector. He has successfully undertaken ventures, including a DMO and technology transformation consulting. In his role at Mize, he stands out not only for his analytical and strategic ability but also for effective leadership. He speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian. He holds a degree in Economics from UBA, complementing his professional training at Harvard Business School Online.
what are the main types of tourism distribution channels

What are the main types of tourism distribution channels?

For the owners and employees of travel businesses, it’s important to have a good understanding of the distribution channels available to you. The digital revolution means there is a wide choice of online channels today. But do not forget your strategic partnerships and offline channels too. To avoid spending unnecessary time and money, you need […]

How Dynamic Packaging Impacts Tour Operators

This is how dynamic packaging impacts tour operators

When Thomas Cook collapsed in September 2019, headlines suggested that the demise of one of the oldest travel companies in the world was the final nail in the coffin for the traditional package holiday. In truth, traditional tour operator package holidays, usually sold offline and consisting of set flights and accommodation, remain popular, particularly in […]

hotel distributor margin management

Top Tips to Optimize Hotel Distributor Margin Management

Margin or revenue management in the travel industry is usually looked at from the perspective of hotels, airlines, rental companies, F&B, and other organizations that deliver travel products. But margin management applies to all of the organizations that deal with perishable commodities within the supply chain. Travel agents, OTAs, tour operators, and other third-party providers […]

Market Share on Distribution Channels

How to Increase Your Market Share on Distribution Channels and Gain Loyalty on the Way

In the post COVID era, the travel industry made a more profound transition into the digital world, with new product developments, new apps, Api´s, revenue management tools, new marketing channels, etc.  But now, the question is, how to let your clients know about all these new tools? Is a marketing campaign enough to make these […]

travel intermediaries

What are Travel Intermediaries? This is Their Role in the Tourism Industry

Travel intermediaries are some of the most critical agents in the tourism distribution channel. Thanks to tourism intermediation, among other factors, the travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. It’s also one of the most resilient industries. Although it took a massive hit due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, which made its […]

what are bed banks

What Are Bed Banks and How to Choose the Right One?

The role of the travel intermediary has been around for almost 180 years. The term “travel intermediary” was coined after travel group impresario Thomas Cook guided his first excursion of 485 people to a campaign in Leicestershire and charged them each a shilling for the journey and his guidance. He then followed this campaign by […]

Hotel Wholesalers List

The Most Complete Hotel Wholesalers and Bed-Banks List

Finding a professional and reliable hotel wholesaler is not an easy task. There are dozens of hotel wholesalers to choose from on the current market. However, they are not all the same. Some are better than others in terms of the commercial conditions they offer, the variety of hotels they have access to, and their […]

crear un producto turístico

7 Keys to creating a successful tourism product

Within the competitive tourism sector, innovation, and the offer of products to propose stands out as one of the real competitive advantages and differential elements to navigate with strength in this tough market. The tourism product becomes an important resource to work to attract a different audience and diversify the philosophy and brand of our […]

How to sell tour packages in 3 easy steps

How to sell tour packages in 3 easy steps

The tourism industry is one of the most competitive, the range of offers far exceeds the level of demand (which is already very high). If we add to all this the complex circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the entire tourism sector is facing one of the most challenging periods in its history. According to […]

books about tourism industry

12 Must-Read Books About the Tourism Industry

With hundreds of books about the tourism industry, you might find it hard to decide which one to read next. The tourism industry books cover a wide variety of topics. The best way to find an interesting read is to choose one that addresses the topic that you find interesting. To help you, we put […]

The different types of Tourism according to Cohen, UNWTO, motivation and type

The different types of Tourism according to Cohen, UNWTO, motivation and type

The Tourism industry has a direct impact on the global economy. In 2019 alone, 1.4 billion international arrivals were recorded, which is equivalent to one-fifth of the world’s population. Due to the number of components that play an active role in tourism, there are an infinite number of criteria that can be used to classify […]

what is destination management

What is Destination Management and Why is it Important

Destination management plays a vital role in helping organizations in the travel and tourism industry achieve their goals. It can unlock many benefits, such as delighting the travelers so they return to the destination, increasing revenue, and building a sustainable plan for the future. However, the term destination management still escapes many people. Given how […]

22 Types of Travel Agencies Based on 4 Key Criteria

22 Types of Travel Agencies Based on 4 Key Criteria

The best way to understand the intricate design of the tourism industry is to observe the businesses that operate within it. Travel agencies are the cogs that keep travel machinery moving forward. However, not all travel agencies operate in the same way. Plus, these businesses often tend to go through operational and managerial changes driven […]

List of 18 Key Travel Agency Suppliers

List of 18 Key Travel Agency Suppliers

In a constantly evolving emerging industry, it is a good practice to periodically evaluate your agency’s suppliers. You can always make adjustments according to your criteria and market-facing strategy. Let’s analyze the requirements together, in the current market conditions. What do we mean by travel agency suppliers? Suppliers are defined as any entity that offers […]

What is Educational Tourism: Stats, Benefits, Examples & More

What is Educational Tourism: Stats, Benefits, Examples & More

The global tourism industry is very diverse. With the number of different types of tourism and the number of ways travelers interact with tour packages increasing, it can be pretty hard to keep track of each travel sector’s subdomain.  On the other hand, getting insights from a particular travel sector subdomain can help you make […]

Have you ever heard the term Fully Independent Traveler (FIT)?

Have you ever heard the term Fully Independent Traveler (FIT)?

Most people see emerging technologies as the number one factor that keeps transforming the tourism industry. While this is true, another important piece of the industry’s transformation puzzle is the travelers themselves. The needs of travelers are constantly shifting, and brand-new traveler segments emerge on a regular basis.  One of these segments is fully independent […]

The 28 Most Innovative Travel Tech Startups Around the World

The 28 Most Innovative Travel Tech Startups Around the World

Although it suffered tremendously during the pandemic, the travel industry keeps going forwards. In 2020, the entire sector lost more than 60 million jobs and $4.5 trillion. However, it’s coming back to its feet, and some projections indicate that it will again become one of the fastest-growing sectors. It’s expected to reach a market size […]

What is Industrial Tourism: Definition, Stats, Benefits & Real-Life Examples

What is Industrial Tourism: Definition, Stats, Benefits & Real-Life Examples

The travel sector is one of the most diverse industries out there. With so many moving pieces on the board, it’s hard to stay on top of all developments and make informed business decisions. Industrial tourism is one of the newest additions to the large family of tourism types.  It is one of the growing […]

travel data management

The Ultimate Guide for Travel Data Management: Best Practices & More

As data becomes increasingly important across verticals, it’s essential to understand its role in the travel industry. Most importantly, understand how to leverage it to make informed business decisions and improve your internal processes and travel experience. After all, data will play a pivotal role in helping the tourism sector’s market volume reach $992.10bn by […]

Top Travel Agencies China

13 examples of wholesale tour operators in Latin America

The tourism sector mobilized 1.4 billion international tourists in 2019, equivalent to almost one-fifth of the world’s population. In total, global tourism spending was US$5.85 trillion. This high demand makes tourism a highly competitive industry. Offering a package that meets travelers’ objectives in terms of price, quality and itinerary functionality is complex. It must be […]

inventory system used by travel agencies

The Essentials About the Inventory System Used by Travel Agencies

While travel agencies have to overcome many challenges to remain competitive, there is one challenge in particular that all agencies need to overcome despite their size or target market. They need to excel as intermediaries between tour operators or travel product suppliers and consumers or travelers. The real question is, how do they do it? […]

Understanding a Destination Management Company

Understanding a Destination Management Company

The travel industry is vertical, with more than a couple of unique business models. Knowing each one of these models can help you understand the playing field better and make informed decisions. The business model of a destination management company causes the most confusion out of all companies in the travel sector. People use it […]

Tourism Entrepreneur Examples

3 Tourism Entrepreneur Examples To Inspire Your Goals

Tourism entrepreneurship refers to individuals or businesses developing numerous business activities, from activities and entertainment to accommodation and transport. Tourism entrepreneurship, as such, has a vital role in supporting the growth of the entire sector.  Recent research has found that it can not only eliminate societal problems but also facilitate a country’s development and fiscal […]

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Tourism Companies in 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Tourism Companies

Virtual tourism refers to a specific tourism niche using technology that enables travelers to experience activities, locations, and destinations without leaving their homes. The types of virtual tours depend on the multimedia format offered to travelers. It can be anything ranging from still images, video, and audio to interactive virtual reality. The popularity of virtual […]

benefits of a travel management company

Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Benefits of a Travel Management Company

Managing and operating modern businesses often encompasses corporate travel. However, managing business travel is complex, especially with limited experience and resources. You must ensure that everything goes smoothly for the travelers while staying on top of the logistics and expenses. That’s why many organizations decide to outsource their travel management to a dependable travel management […]

Understanding Google Travel Insights: A Comprehensive Overview

Understanding Google Travel Insights: A Comprehensive Overview

Businesses in the travel industry rely increasingly on actionable insights to make better-informed decisions. Google/Bain found that “47% of people surveyed say they didn’t make a booking online when they intended to because it didn’t meet their needs.” Insights about travel can shed light on the motivation and process behind booking trips, as the path […]

This is the Way to Create Memorable Customer Journeys in Travel and Tourism

This is the Way to Create Memorable Customer Journeys in Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is an increasingly competitive space, with customers expecting more personalized and memorable experiences from their trips. With the rise of technology and social media, travelers have greater access to information and a wider range of options than ever before. Journey mapping offers travel agencies a way to gain a deeper […]

Market segmentation in the travel industry

The Vital Role of Market Segmentation in the Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is an ever-growing and competitive landscape, presenting both challenges and opportunities for businesses operating within it. This is where market segmentation comes in handy. In this blog post, we will discuss what market segmentation is, the importance of market segmentation in the tourism industry, and how online travel agencies can benefit from […]

Unveiling How Tourism Benefits and Empowers the Local Community

Unveiling How Tourism Benefits and Empowers the Local Community

The tourism industry is a vertical with one of the most comprehensive impacts on economic and social landscapes. That’s precisely what makes it essential for macro- and micro-economies. Tourism can help generate additional revenue streams for local communities enabling locals to kickstart new businesses, rebuild and restore structures, and attract more tourists. If you want […]

Ecotourism 101: Ecotourism Examples, Definition & Best Practices

Ecotourism 101: Ecotourism Examples, Definition & Best Practices

If you are closely keeping tabs on the travel industry, you probably know it’s one of the most dynamic landscapes. The chances are that this phenomenon results from how agile businesses in the sector are. In other words, the tourism industry’s products and services always reflect the most recent consumer needs and expectations.  One of […]

4 Lessons You Can Learn From the Best Tourism Campaigns

Businesses in the tourism industry rely heavily on marketing to generate leads and boost conversion rates. Tourism marketing is as old as tourism itself – and it always reflects the destination and service benefits relevant to the current travelers’ needs, wants, and expectations. In other words, tourism campaigns must constantly move forward, and marketers need […]

Everything You Should Know About World Tourism Day

Everything You Should Know About World Tourism Day

The tourism sector is one of the most diverse verticals when it comes to events. There are dozens of events that attract hundreds of tourism brands and thousands of travelers worldwide. Each of these events has a unique theme, successfully addressing emerging trends in the sector year after year. However, there is one event that […]

Top Travel Agencies China

All About the 5 Top Travel Agencies in China

One of today’s largest travel markets was practically nonexistent between 1949 and the 1970s. Yes, the Chinese travel market didn’t exist because the People’s Republic was entirely closed to travelers until the late 1970s. However, it’s not the only thing that makes this market exciting and inviting for a closer look. In 2012, China became […]

Slow Tourism Case Studies

Slow Tourism Case Studies: Examples to Truly Understand Slow Tourism

The tourism industry is moving at an ever-accelerating pace. That’s because the tourism industry is perhaps one of the verticals that depend on the most factors. One of the main factors that affect it is social movements, given that tourism brands of all sizes always cater to the needs of consumers. One of those movements […]

Your Ultimate Guide to B2B Travel Solutions in 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to B2B Travel Solutions

You’ve probably noticed that B2B travel solutions play a vital role in the global B2B travel sector. We are talking about the market bound to reach the size of $4952.96 by 2028. That’s a CAGR Growth of 17.51%. No wonder leading B2B travel solutions process over 80.000 bookings and 14.000 searches a day. Keeping tabs […]

List of Travel Agency Management Groups

List of 32 travel agency management groups

Whether you are thinking of moving into the travel industry or you already own a business in this sector, the concept of travel agency management groups is a task worthy of analysis and study. Defining an effective business model for your retail travel agency is one of the key factors in optimizing sales and profitability. […]

travel industry events 2024

30 Most Important Travel Industry Events for 2024

Social share: 2024 is packed with must-attend travel industry events. Stop by to discover all relevant events conveniently grouped by continents with listed dates, themes, and locations! Many travel industry experts believe that travel industry events play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the travel industry. Why is this so?  It’s because these […]

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