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Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain Technology in Travel

Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain Technology in Travel

Blockchain technology has opened up the potential to revolutionize the travel and tourism industry, allowing businesses and travelers alike to benefit from the safety, security, and efficiency that Blockchain provides. According to Informatics research, “In 2025, blockchain technology is expected to become a central component of business operations in the hospitality and tourism industry.” As […]

travel data management

The Ultimate Guide for Travel Data Management: Best Practices & More

As data becomes increasingly important across verticals, it’s essential to understand its role in the travel industry. Most importantly, understand how to leverage it to make informed business decisions and improve your internal processes and travel experience. After all, data will play a pivotal role in helping the tourism sector’s market volume reach $992.10bn by […]

The 28 Most Innovative Travel Tech Startups Around the World

The 28 Most Innovative Travel Tech Startups Around the World

Although it suffered tremendously during the pandemic, the travel industry keeps going forwards. In 2020, the entire sector lost more than 60 million jobs and $4.5 trillion. However, it’s coming back to its feet, and some projections indicate that it will again become one of the fastest-growing sectors. It’s expected to reach a market size […]

Data Analytics in Tourism Industry: What Is It, Benefits, How It’s Used, & Real-life Examples

Big data and data analytics are most commonly tied with industries such as fintech and IT. However, a few years ago, they also made it into the travel sector. They didn’t just make it into the industry. The enormous adoption rates of data analytics in the sector have created a brand new market – the […]

8 Use Examples of NFT in Travel and What is Coming Next

8 Use Examples of NFT in Travel and What is Coming Next

The travel sector heavily relies on both hardware and software innovations. With the help of technology, travel organizations can streamline everything from online booking to personalized offers. Some major technology advancements are even capable of transforming the entire sector. Such is the case with travel NFT. The chances are that you are hearing about travel […]

4 Key Travel Industry Digital Transformation Trends That you Should Know

4 Key Travel Industry Digital Transformation Trends That you Should Know

The travel and tourism industry keeps moving forward rapidly thanks to new technologies. Digital technologies have created new opportunities for travel agencies and facilitated the digitalization of business processes based on traditional methodologies. If you want to stay competitive in the dynamic travel market, you need to know what the competition is doing and find […]


Metaverse & Travel Industry: Implications, Pros, Cons, & Examples

The metaverse broke out of the sci-fi books when the CEO of Facebook announced his vision of the social media giant’s future. The metaverse concept is not that new – it has existed since the 90s, and it indicates a virtual world.  However, a metaverse is not just any virtual word but one that is […]

Virtual Reality in Tourism

4 Well-Thought Examples of Virtual Reality in Tourism

Technology has been driving progress in the tourism sector for quite a while now. We’ve seen everything ranging from IoT sensors to sophisticated software implemented throughout the entire landscape. Technology helps companies remain competitive in an increasingly saturated tourism market. The latest addition to the tourism tech stack is virtual reality or simply VR.  Since […]

Why Travel Technology is Safe

Sharing Personal Data: Here’s Why Travel Technology is Safe

Over the last year, the tech revolution has accelerated within the travel industry. Some of the innovations are either designed to help directly with COVID-related issues like crossing the border, measuring temperature, etc, or to optimize processes and reduce waiting times. On the other hand, the travel industry took this market “shut down” to improve […]

ai in travel technology

6 Examples of How AI is Used in the Travel Industry

AI has made advances in many industries since it was invented. The ever-changing travel industry is also taking advantage of AI to revolutionize the way it operates. As a result, nowadays, travel companies highly leverage AI-powered tools and solutions for various processes from travel planning to landing in the destination. In this way, AI in […]

Big Data Can Improve Revenue Management in the Travel Industry

Big Data Can Improve Revenue Management in the Travel Industry

Big data has become a vital asset in many different industries in recent years. With so many people sharing their information online and platforms logging customer behavior, there’s a need for an efficient way to process all that raw information. The travel industry is no different, as owners and managers are constantly discovering new ways […]

3 Ways How Companies Use Big Data

3 Ways How Companies Use Big Data

“Data is the new soil because, for me, it feels like a fertile, creative medium. Over the years, online, we’ve laid down a huge amount of information and data, and we irrigate it with networks and connectivity.” David Mccandless 2020 statistics reported by show that 90% of the world’s data has been created in […]

how does a neural network work?

How does a neural network work? Implementation and 5 examples

Artificial neural networks can be considered as one of the popular subject areas in computer science. The reason behind that is their ability to perform critical artificial intelligence-related tasks such as image classification and recognition, credit card fraud detection, medical and disease recognition, etc. What is a neural network? Simply said, a neural network is […]

difference between artificial intelligence and machine learning

This is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Are machine learning and artificial intelligence the same thing?  The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or the new era of technology, is driving rapid advancements in the development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning as a prominent part of its set of technological developments. Klaus Schwab, the founder and chief executive of the World Economic Forum, described […]

How Dynamic Packaging Impacts Tour Operators

Demand Forecasting: Factors Affecting It, Why It is Important, & More

Markets of all sizes around the globe are becoming oversaturated. Meanwhile, harsh competition has made them volatile as well. Consumers have access to more information, which tremendously helps them in making the right purchasing decision. All of it makes the future uncertain for businesses. How does a business thrive and achieve objectives in such a […]

what is travel technology

What exactly is travel technology? All about this industry game-changer

Technology has become an integral part of our lives, completely changing how we work, shop, eat and spend our leisure time. With just a few simple taps on our smartphone, we can order food, purchase home appliances, make dinner reservations, and much more. Constant technological advances have even made their way into the travel industry. […]

How Mize creates value for clients with the data network effect

How Mize creates value for clients with the data network effect

At Mize, we are proud to deliver value to our clients with data-driven solutions. Our mission is to allow for a better business environment in the hotel booking industry by increasing profitability and ensuring the existence and growth of the industry’s key players. How do we achieve this? It all starts with the data.  What […]

big data solutions for the travel industry

Big Data Solutions For The Travel Industry

Unlike some business terminology, big data is exactly what it sounds like. Every airline booking and every hotel stay leaves a data trail stored in conventional databases, but now we are creating vast swathes of digital data on social media, online review sites, search engines and retail platforms. Smartphones have added to the volume: every […]

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