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Explore How Travel Companies Benefit From Corporate Partnerships in 2021

Explore How Travel Companies Benefit From Corporate Partnerships
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Technology has always had an important role in how businesses operate. Tech solutions bring a variety of options to all business industries, especially the travel industry. Airlines, travel agencies, OTAs, tour operators can all get specialized travel solutions from a leading travel technology firm. This will help them engage customers in a much more profound way. 

However, the travel and hospitality industries have generally been lagging behind in updating their tech infrastructure.

Industry leaders have only recently recognized how communications, new hardware, software, tech solutions, and the internet can make lots of travel industry processes easier. However, travel companies sometimes don’t have the necessary expertise and resources to implement appropriate tech solutions. That’s why they should trust tech companies who are experts in the field instead of developing their own tools.

That’s why more and more travel companies are getting into partnerships with tech companies. These organizations can help them analyze, implement, and manage solutions that will affect their operations from top to bottom.

How Travel Technology Can Improve Your Results

Let’s explore the benefits of travel technology and see how partnering up can help your travel business.

They Give You More Time to Focus on Your Core Processes

When you partner up with a travel tech company, they handle all the technology-related tasks. Travel technology companies give complete tech support to your business. Apart from helping you implement the right solutions, they can also help your whole organization learn how to use them in the most effective manner.

You can focus your efforts on improving your services, making better offers, and engaging your customers. At the same time, you won’t have to put pressure on your employees to work on things they don’t have expertise in.

Bring Your Innovation to Life

Many travel companies have a variety of innovative ideas, but they don’t know how to implement them. Travel technology companies can recognize what kind of specialize tech solutions you need to make those ideas a reality.

Automated Processes

One of the ways these partnerships free up your resources is by automating processes. One of the most crucial tech advantages for travel businesses is automation. It saves your employees time and removes various mundane tasks.

Automation also gives more accuracy to executing those tasks and removes human error as a factor.

Organizing all of Your Data in One Place

Tech experts can suggest or create valuable software solutions that let you store data. Travel companies have multiple channels where they gather customer data. A single solution can help keep your data in a single place while gathering it in a structured manner for future business use.

Wbe.travel & Hotelmize: an Example of a Travel Tech Beneficial Partnership

Partnerships between tech companies and travel companies are further enhanced through cooperation between technology organizations as well. The partnership between wbe.travel and Hotelmize is a perfect example.

Wbe.travel is a company that provides software solutions for travel companies, including API solutions, apps, booking software, and so on. On the other hand, Hotelmize is a pioneering big data company that offers revenues optimization solutions to the travel booking industry.

With their “Room Mapping”, “Asymmetrical Room Matching” and, machine learning technologies to support their “Prediction Algorithms”, they’ve enabled wbe.travel to provide advanced solutions that can track room prices accurately, update them automatically, and predict future prices.

How wbe.travel Companies Win With Hotelmize’s Technology?

By fueling wbe.travel solutions with relevant data capabilities from Hotelmize, the company has made its solutions more competitive. How? By partnering with Hotelmize, wbe.travel is allowing their clients to unlock hidden profits that they were not aware of before. The machine learning capabilities and data they get let them give relevant booking information on rooms and update their listings in real-time.

Simply put, wbe.travel customers can always offer travelers the latest accommodation rate with utmost accuracy. On the other hand, the Room Mapping system recognizes rooms that “fit” the requirements of customers to find the most affordable offers and increase profits.

However, the Asymmetrical Room Matching also finds accommodation that fits the basic requirements while adding other amenities or add-ons. This combination lets organizations increase their post-booking profit optimization

All of that reflects on the travel companies that use wbe.travel’s solutions, generating extra profit with the same amount of bookings they have with no extra work from their side because everything is done automatically.


Over 80% of people want to book their travels online, which shows just how important it is for travel companies to streamline and organize their online technologies. Technology will be the crucial factor in how travel companies are optimizing their resources, especially during these times where their profits and booking volume have been reduced due to the pandemic.  

In 2020, travel companies realized how important it is to keep pace with this digitalized world. OTAs are looking for modern solutions that can easily bring benefits just by implementing these new tools in their businesses.

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