Romain Arruat-Padis
Senior Director of Business Development APAC at Hotelmize, fourteen years experience in the travel industry in the APAC region, including eight years expertise in the travel technology industry, with a track record of proven success in the sales of travel technology solutions.
6 growth opportunities for tour operators

6 growth opportunities for tour operators

Here are six steps that tour and activity providers can take to grow their businesses. 1. Ask searching question about your business When times are good and revenue is flowing you may not have the time or inclination to ask searching questions about your identity or your exact position in the marketplace. But every now […]

Future of tour operators

5 Trends That Could Define the Future of Tour Operators

What is the future of tour operators? What are the new trends? What predictions can we make for the rest of 2020? What predictions for the future in general? The future of business travel Business travel will remain a highly competitive segment for tour operators and travel agents because of its attractive margins. The world […]

Profit optimization for the travel industry

Profit optimization for the travel industry: How to do it?

In good times or bad, it is important to optimize your ability to generate profit. The best way to do this is to take steps to increase your profit margins. These steps include accurately measuring your margins, carefully calculating your total costs, considering the 80/20 rule, looking at your existing sales, plus upselling and creating […]

how to become a travel wholesaler

How to Become a Travel Wholesaler in 3 Steps

Starting your travel agency or business is easier said than done. There are all kinds of different travel businesses you can try, so you first have to figure out exactly where you see yourself. Do you want to run a travel agency that makes arrangements for people, or are you looking for something more challenging, […]

how many people travel a year?

Quantifying Travel: How Many People Travel a Year?

Travelling is fun. Humans have been travelling ever since the dawn of civilization. These days, with so many vibrant cultures, gorgeous sights, and excellent food available worldwide, people can’t seem to get enough of travelling. Travelling itself has also become far, far cheaper than it used to be. While in the past, it took thousands […]

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