Business Optimization Suite

Mize Core Suite empowers our partners’ backend capabilities, allowing them to increase their profit margins by enhancing their purchasing capabilities and standardizing their data across all supply and sales channels, resulting in increased revenue and sales.

Hotelfare Optimization

Hotelfare Optimization increases hotel booking profit margins by reducing the purchasing costs at the post-booking stage.

  • Driven by AI Price Prediction To Maximize Profits
  • Increased Opportunity With Proprietary Asymmetrical Room Mapping
  • Fully Automated
  • Customizable Business Rule Engine
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Room Mapping

Room Mapping streamlines inventory management by automatically standardizing room data across various suppliers. This enhances product accessibility for both supply and sales channels, leveraging opportunities to increase revenues.

  • Fully automated
  • High coverage rate
  • Maximum accuracy
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Partners Network

Partners network enable our partners to benefit from an impressive $16 billion of buying power annually, along with access to exclusive inventory rates, driving optimization profit.

  • Increase Hotelfare optimization profits
  • Access to exclusive rates
  • Gain more sales by offering your inventory to our partners
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