Ben Walker
Ben Walker has 18 years of experience in the hotel and travel sectors. He has worked as PR & communications manager for TRI Hospitality Consulting London, the creators of HotStats, the hotel market benchmarking, financial analysis, and performance reporting solution. He has also been the business editor of The Caterer, and communications manager and editor for the international professional body, the Institute of Hospitality.
7 kpis for otas that you should be watching already

7 KPIs for OTAs that you SHOULD be watching already

Online travel agents must evolve to overcome today’s challenges while remembering why customers loved them in the first place The outlook for the international travel industry remains broadly positive, although price growth is expected to slow. Despite a projected 3.5 percent growth for the global economy in 2020, airfares are set to increase by a […]

big data solutions for the travel industry

Big Data Solutions For The Travel Industry

Unlike some business terminology, big data is exactly what it sounds like. Every airline booking and every hotel stay leaves a data trail stored in conventional databases, but now we are creating vast swathes of digital data on social media, online review sites, search engines and retail platforms. Smartphones have added to the volume: every […]

The importance of profit optimization during crisis times

The importance of profit optimization during crisis times

The international tourism industry is reeling from the impact of the coronavirus. Travel agents and tour operators are devoting most of their time to dealing with cancellations and enquiries from anxious customers as to whether it is safe to travel. As the number of infected persons continues to rise across the world, 24-hour news coverage […]

Risks For A Travel Agency

6 Risks for a travel agency business and how to solve them

The role of travel agencies and tour operators in the tourism industry is clearly essential, but these kinds of businesses face a number of risks. Some of these risks apply generally to the retail and service industries and others are specific to the travel industry. There are several challenges for a travel agency (or a […]

6 Key Travel Industry Growth Statistics

6 Key Travel Industry Growth Statistics

The travel and tourism industry is undeniably one of the biggest success stories of the last 75 years. While the world has undergone huge changes since the end of the Second World War and many industrial sectors have experienced turmoil and decline, travel and tourism have enjoyed remarkable growth. This article presents a selection of […]

What do online travel agents (OTAs) mean for hotel bookings?

What do online travel agents (OTAs) mean for hotel bookings?

Online travel agents (OTAs) are one of the key distribution channels that hotels have at their disposal in order to market and sell their room nights. This article investigates the relationship between hotels and OTAs and answers some key questions: Are OTAs good for the hotel industry?How much OTA commission do hotels pay?How important is […]

online travel agencies market share

Online Travel Agencies Market Share Across the World

The rise of online travel agencies (OTAs) is one of the most dramatic examples of the digital transformation of business and society over the last 25 years. The travel industry growth statistics are very favorable as well and OTAs are taking advantage. In a relatively short space of time, OTAs – from giants such as […]

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