Fintech Optimization Suite

Mize Fintech Optimization Suite elevates our partners’ value proposition for travelers with a variety of fintech travel products that address travelers’ desires, ultimately enriching the customer experience, driving up conversation rates, and creating opportunities for additional revenue.

Price Drop Protection

Price Drop Protection allows travelers to pay a premium on their booking costs and receive automated refunds if the booking rate drops, ensuring they will get the best price over time.

  • Stand Out with a Unique Selling Proposition
  • Drive Up Conversion Rates and Increase Sales
  • Enhance Customer Trust and Satisfaction
  • Foster Loyalty and Added Value
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Price Watch

Price Watch enables travelers to receive alerts when the rate for their preferred room drops, ensuring they can capture the best deal and enhancing engagement with travelers after they leave the website.

  • Grow Your Membership Base
  • Increase Sales from Returning Customers
  • Boost Customer Confidence and Stand Out From Competitors
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty
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Price Lock

Price Lock offers customers the opportunity to lock in a rate for a predetermined period and complete the booking on a later date.

  • Gain A Competitive Edge, Stand Out
  • Boost Customer Trust and Satisfaction
  • Create Extra Revenue with Price Lock Premium
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Auto Buy

Coming Soon

Auto Buy enables travelers to choose a price for a hotel stay and automatically book it when the price reaches their desired price and increase conversion of lookers to bookers.

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Upgrade Upsell

Coming Soon

Upgrade Upsell upsells room upgrades as part of the booking flow, increasing average order value and enhancing the customer booking experience.

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