Adrienne Fors
Adrienne Fors is the founder of Strategic Stays, a consultancy specializing in tech solutions and copywriting for short-term rental businesses and boutique hotels. She was previously a Market Manager at Expedia, and she graduated from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. Adrienne is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and enjoys traveling and playing tennis.
tour operator business plan

How to create a tour operator business plan in 8 steps

Wondering how to turn your tour operator idea into a real business? The first step to launching a startup and getting investors onboard is to develop a formal proposal called a business plan. Whether you want to start a travel agency, a walking tour company, or an adventure travel business, you will use a business […]

How To Generate Leads For Travel Business

How To Generate Leads For Travel Business: The 6 Best Strategies

Wondering how to reach your potential guests? Today’s traveler uses a variety of avenues to research and book their trips – including both online and offline methods. If you want your travel business to be visible to potential guests, you need to set up a marketing strategy that will effectively generate leads and convert bookings. […]

List of Tourism industry registration association

10 Great Tourism Industry Registration Associations

As a member of the tourism industry, whether you’re a tour operator or a travel agent, you may be wondering how you can grow your network, find new clients or partners, and stay up-to-date on trends. Tourism industry associations offer a myriad of benefits to professionals and companies in the hospitality and tourism sector.  In […]

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