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6 Ways To Stand Out Among Competitors in the Travel Industry

6 ways to stand out among competitors in the travel industry
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The COVID-19 pandemic has put the travel industry on hold. In the years before 2020, the industry was growing at a rapid pace globally. But with all the restrictions and travel bans, the whole industry suffered terrible losses.

The good news is that the whole industry is taking this time to perfect their services and prepare for when things get back to normal. Currently, the entire sector is working hard on improving their tech solutions to provide a better experience to their guests.

It’s about adding new digital solutions and differentiate themselves to stay one step ahead of their competition. This has always been important and will remain after the pandemic comes to an end.

So, how can companies differentiate from competitors? We have collected a few pieces of advice and ways to take action. Check the text below to find out more.

Add a Cause to Your Services

People worldwide are becoming more conscious about the environment, social issues, animal rights, and other humanitarian causes. They want to help in any way they possibly can and have respect for companies that want to give back.

For example, if you are organizing tours in nature, you should consider allowing your guests to plant trees or engage in some activity that helps preserve nature. Another good example that any type of travel business can do is give a portion of all their earnings to projects that promote sustainability, or better, sustainable tourism.

No matter what you do, make sure to share how your business helps others and what causes you are fighting for. This can easily be the difference between someone choosing your services over another company. At the same time, this helps you build positive word of mouth and potentially get free press for your efforts.

Attach a Story to Your Business

Stories bring your business closer to customers. We’re not talking about marketing or selling your products or services directly. Your story showcases the core of your brand and lets guests connect emotionally to your brand or the services you provide.

A good story contains three essential ingredients:

  1. Challenge
  2. Struggle
  3. Solution

The challenge helps you attract people’s attention and make them want to check out what you have to say. The second part of the story serves as an emotional journey that attaches people to the story. In the end, the solution to the story allows you to promote your services, brand, or your cause.

It allows you to call people to action in a subtle way. Your story can revolve directly around your business and why it exists, what drives you, and what your motivations are. On the other hand, the story can put your guests in the position of protagonists who can help a cause.

55% of customers say that they are more likely to get product/service if they love the story of the brand.

Find Your Own Travel Niche

The whole travel industry is quite saturated. There are thousands of businesses in different sectors that offer similar services and look alike. It’s impossible to stand out in this crowd, especially now when many companies have already established their presence.  

This is why you need to come up with your travel niche and offer something specialized. This might look like you’re limiting yourself to a narrower crowd, but it gives you the ability to reach more people whose needs haven’t been met. Check out this amazing list to get a better understanding of this subject.

If you are looking to generate real leads for your travel business, this article will help you do so in your travel niche.

Think outside the box and see the problems that people are facing, how you can make their travel easier, save their money, give them the luxury they need, or a type of service that still doesn’t exist. On the other hand, you can also approach the niche by targeting a specific demographic like students, women, or families.

Be Passionate and Knowledgeable About What You do

Every new guest, traveler, or client is an opportunity for you to showcase your knowledge and passion for travel. No matter if you’re a guide that’s talking about history, nature, wildlife, or architecture, or you are a travel agent looking to present new offers, you need to immerse yourself in what you do.

This is why you should ideally start a travel business that focuses on something you love doing. People will recognize this about you and your organization and connect with you on an emotional level. At the same time, you will find it easier to learn vital information and help travelers in any way possible.

Running a business is hard work, but you will find it a lot easier if you’re passionate about it. At the same time, this level of commitment, knowledge, and passion will make your business memorable and stand out from the rest. Entrepreneurship always comes with some risks. If you want to know the most common ones in the travel industry and how to solve them, you should look at this article.

Offer Something Unique

You probably heard it many times “create a unique brand.” But what does this mean when it comes to the travel industry? The first thing you need to know that the focus has shifted from “activities” to “experiences.”

Give your guests something they haven’t felt, done, or seen before. These experiences are what they will remember for a long time and share with other people. These experiences don’t have to be unique, but they can be delivered in a new way.

For example, you can offer a sightseeing tour in nature on dirt bikes. Add something fun, unorthodox, and exciting to your services; people like trying out new things, especially travel enthusiasts.

Think about what’s unique in your area of work and how you can promote that side of your service. This will make you memorable and distinctive in the sea of typical travel companies that only recycle the same experiences.

Be digital

Last but no least, pay attention to your digital reputation. Apart from having a well-designed and functional website, you should also focus on social media and encite your audience to find out more about your services via several social media channels. Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on your reviews.


In the end, remember to care about your clients. Make them feel safe during their whole experience and positive in your ability to help them out and deliver on what’s promised. After all, the travel industry is about people and giving them something to remember.

Work on your communication skills and care about your guests. The industry is constantly evolving, even now during the pandemic. Keep up by educating yourself, and it will reflect on the services you provide.

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