Ido Nalos
Ido, graduated from the College of Management Academic Studies, is Hotelmize Sales Operations Manager. He has a demonstrated history of working in the Sales & Marketing industry, and is paving his path in the Travel & Tourism industry. His skills in Negotiation, Interpersonal Relations, Team Management, Customer Service, and Sales Management, makes him a strong Sales Manager and a team player in the Travel Industry
Travel Technologys Role in Dealing with Covid-19

Travel Technology’s role in dealing with COVID-19

It is no secret that COVID-19 has wrecked millions of people’s dreams and plans for a vacation, relaxation, annual leave, and clearing their heads from the day-to-day issues on their minds. Also, for those who work in the travel industry, like individual travel agents, travel agencies (Online and offline), consultants, operators, tour guides and more, […]

top online travel agencies list

Top Online Travel Agencies to Partner with and Supercharge Bookings

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” Dalai Lama The travel and tourism industry is one of those that continually bring innovation into the niche. New trends, such as travel technology, keep shifting the tide and changing the face of the industry as we know it. As the industry evolves, increasing bookings and […]

Networking in the travel industry during covid-19

Networking in the travel industry during COVID19

COVID19 caused disruptions across industries. However, it appears that the travel industry suffered the most as there was very little to do to cushion the blow of the pandemic – the industry had a 42.1% decrease in global revenue. While the pandemic paralyzed people and made traveling borderline impossible, it also kept hoteliers in place. […]

6 ways to stand out among competitors in the travel industry

6 Ways To Stand Out Among Competitors in the Travel Industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has put the travel industry on hold. In the years before 2020, the industry was growing at a rapid pace globally. But with all the restrictions and travel bans, the whole industry suffered terrible losses. The good news is that the whole industry is taking this time to perfect their services and […]

How a Covid-19 vaccine is changing travel for good

How Covid-19 Vaccines Are Changing Travel for Good?

On the 9th of November, 2020, it was announced that BioNTech and Pfizer made one of the candidates for a COVID-19 vaccine that showed over 90% of effectiveness in preventing people from getting infected with the coronavirus. This news immediately echoed throughout the world, finally providing the much-needed push that the dormant travel industry needed […]


Why There is Still Hope for a Summer Recovery 2021

It’s essential to stay up-to-date with OTA (Online Travel Agency) updates, especially in the trying times of the ongoing pandemic. OTA is a resourceful marketplace that provides its consumers with numerous hotels to choose from and book. In Europe, OTAs have been growing as they offer an efficient and fast customer experience. Providing customers with […]

mize – Winner of Front Runners Competition & Summit at WTM London

Mize – Winner of Front Runners Competition & Summit at WTM London

Technology is what makes the travel industry constantly evolve. This is what WTM London and Travel Forward highlight, ensuring to connect businesses in this vertical with startups that deliver innovative solutions. WTM 2021 went under the “Reconnect. Rebuild. Innovate” slogan as the first face-to-face event after the COVID-19 breakout. Travel Forward was the leading travel […]

mize Participate in FITUR 2022

Hotelmize to Participate in FITUR 2022

FITUR is one of the few important international travel events. The event attracts European and Latam professionals from the travel industry.   FITUR 2022 will last for five days, and it starts on January 19, 2022. Hotelmize will participate in FITUR this year to present its solutions and present the company’s plan for the future.  FITURTechy […]

mize blog OTA Advertising Strategies

5 OTA Advertising Strategies That Work

Online travel agencies or simply OTAs have plenty of opportunities to market their offer to the target customers. Some strategies focus more on generating exposure, while others generate more leads and increase conversion rates. There are also more and less efficient advertising strategies.  One common question that continues to trouble online travel agents is: “How […]

Why Do Travelers Prefer Hotel Bookings That Offer Flexibility?

Why Do Travelers Prefer Hotel Bookings That Offer Flexibility?

As the pandemic and all its adverse economic effects subside, many industries are left with burning questions, and that applies to the travel sector as well.  How do we go back to business as usual? How do we get our customers back, and what do these post-covid travelers expect from us?  The best way to […]

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