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Empowering Equality: Mize Leads the Way in Travel Technology

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Are we all equal? Are we all equally represented in the business world? In some professional sectors, there might still be some under-representation of women, minorities, and the LGBTQIA+ community. The tech sphere is no different, but is the travel tech sector a spark of hope?

As the business world becomes more diverse, equality and inclusion become more important pillars of success with every passing day. Here at Mize, we feel that travel tech companies have a duty to lead the way, and our vision is to stand at the forefront of change. 

According to an article published by Exploding Topics, 26.7% of jobs in tech are held by women. Each day, companies are doing their best to incorporate new policies to make this percentage go up annually.

In our specific case, moving from a small startup to a fast-growing company represented many challenges, but gender mainstreaming was not one of them. Mize developed and implemented inclusive policies from its inception. Now, inclusion is part of our DNA. A clear example is that, currently, 50% of our employees are women.

If you are unfamiliar with the term gender mainstreaming, this is defined as an in-company process where executives pay attention to all employee interests within the company, regardless of gender.

Here at Mize, we have been working hard to be the beacon of change and make our employees feel empowered, regardless of gender. We also aim to advance innovation and progress, building a workforce that mirrors true diversity

How culture and values have a significant impact on equality

Each company should clearly define its values and culture in the modern business landscape. The goal is to let employees know they are respected and their opinions matter. The company culture should be inclusive and diverse – and Mize values diversity. We boast a workforce where women constitute a remarkable half of the company – and we are proud of it.

Look at what Yuval Ziv, our software developer, says about our approach to handling gender equality and diversity. 

Being the only female in the development team is empowering yet challenging. On the one hand, I strive to prove that gender does not define you, yet in some situations, it could be nice to have some feminine support. That being said, I do not feel like my team or bosses look at me any differently, which I am very grateful for.”

In fact, Yuval Ziv is the only female employee in R&D, which is the most technological team in the company.

Our dedication to gender equality extends well beyond entry-level positions. In fact, it reaches all the way up to the management team – women hold 50% of leadership roles in Mize. But let’s avoid the sheer statistics, which these numbers are not. They are a testament to our dedication to fostering a company culture and a work environment where all voices can be heard and all perspectives valued.

Michel Semo, our head of product, said: “From my perspective, I don’t see a difference in the work of men and women. Each team member is getting their opportunities and workload in correlation to their capabilities and experience; the gender factor does not play a role at all. I believe that everyone can do the same things. Women are not getting a special attitude, and everyone is treated equally. I would like to see more women in technological roles in the tech industry.”

This approach paves the way for all employees, regardless of gender, to climb the corporate ladder and assume leadership roles.

How do we approach our recruitment and hiring practices?

We are devoted to creating gender equality and inclusivity, and this is reflected in our diverse team that represents women equally. Weaving the tapestry of inclusivity, Mize managed to hire six vibrant individuals aged between 20 and 30 to help bring innovative ideas to the table. 

We also have 14 professionals aged between 30 and 40 working at the company who contribute their expertise and wealth of experience. Finally, we have four accomplished leaders aged between 40 and 50. Thanks to their seasoned guidance, Mize benefits from a well-rounded approach to decision-making. 

Some companies focus on discussing gender equality only in their headquarters. But, we are implementing equality in all our offices here at Mize.

We have locations all across the world, and we aim to implement equality globally, including in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Hong Kong, China, Brazil, Argentina, and Spain. Take a look at the image below to see the Female Global Spread at Mize.

Successful gender equality at Mize came from many angles, but especially from our fine-tuned recruitment process. Here is how Efrat Shenkar, our Head of HR & Recruitment, and Mika Mashiach, our Talent Acquisition Partner, see these changes to recruitment practices: 

“At Mize, we recognize the immense value that diverse perspectives bring to our teams and our products. As a company that aims for excellence and innovation, we understand the importance of representation and strive to create a workplace where everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique skills and experiences. 

This is why our recruitment process is designed to be inclusive and equitable, ensuring that we cast a wide net to attract the best talent from diverse backgrounds. And as evidence, we can show the numbers in the sections above and the diversity within our teams.”

As we keep growing, the recruitment team at Mize highlights our gender equality, diversity, and inclusion policies to enable candidates to truly understand the values of our company culture.

Noa Oz,our customer success team lead, explained: “As the customer success team lead, I can say that multitasking and fluent communication are the core values of this profession. As I see it, women excel in these two skills, which makes them very good at these jobs, which leads to satisfied clients. I am proud to lead a team of women, bringing the best solutions and results for our clients. It’s very fulfilling and empowering!” 

Travel tech is inspiring other industries to follow in its footsteps

Diversity, inclusion, and gender equality don’t necessarily need to be attention-grabbing buzzwords. Mize is already proving to be a staple of progress in the travel tech world. 

As mentioned in this article, our goal is to implement gender equality on a global scale. At the core of our success, we have diversity, inclusion, and gender equality as a source of strength and innovation. As we look ahead, Mize will continue to lead the charge in fostering these values and setting a positive example in the industry.

*All metrics in the article are relevant for March 2024. 

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