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Watch Out These 31 Travel Industry Events for 2022

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Running a successful operation in any of the sub-sectors of the tourism industry translates into staying tuned into the latest trends and technologies. The best way to do it is to attend travel industry events. It will help you discover the trends and the best tech to use and help you with your selling efforts, find potential partners, and seek inspiration for future business alignment.

The problem is that there are hundreds of travel industry events every year worldwide. It might be challenging to keep track of all of them. The coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions might also render some events impossible to visit. The good news is that many traditional face-to-face events now have an online version for those that could not travel. We are here to help you decide which ones to focus on when there is little room to schedule events in your calendar, especially if they have a covid-friendly alternative such as webinars or online events?

To help you out, we decided to make a list of top travel industry events for 2022.

FITUR01/19/2022Madrid, SpainSubmit a new exhibitor registration request.
TTF02/04-06/2022, 02/09-11/2022, 02/25-27/2022, 10/07-08/2022Bengaluru-Mumbai-Chennai-Delhi, IndiaTTF Bengaluru $295 per square meter, TTF Mumbai $395 per square meter, TTF Chennai $295 per square meter, TTF Delhi $495 per square meter
Emotions02/13/2022Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPrices available on request
SATTE02/16/2022Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, IndiaNot available
Vitrina Turistica02/23/2022Bogota, ColombiaContact the sales team 
Destination Australia03/03/2022Australia $150 physical attendance, $50 online only
ITB Berlin03/09/2022Berlin, GermanyRegular price 205 EUR, Minimum 20 square meters, Communication Package, is mandatory and costs 109 EUR.
MITT03/15/2022Moscow, RussiaMITT sales brochure is still not available
ST Alphe Brazil Online03/16/2022Online  Agents attend for free/Price for educators and service providers is £1,750(+ VAT for UK schools and businesses) each.
AIME03/21/2022Melbourne, Australia Contact AIME directly to discover the prices for different exhibitor packages.
Travel & Adventure Show04/02/2022Dallas, US$18 per ticket for attendees and price for exhibitors available on request
World Travel Market04/05/2022, 11/07/2022, 04/11/2022, 05/11/2022São Paulo, Brazil - ExCel London - Cape Town - DubaiSubmit a sales brochure request to discover the cost of exhibiting at WTM
TBEX04/18/2022Washington, USTravel industry professionals – $497, Travel creators – $377
Australian Tourism Exchange05/2022OnlineNot available.
ITT06/14-16/2022Istanbul Delegate – £535Companion – £285
Destinations International07/19/2022Toronto, ON, Canada The prices for the 2022 annual conference are still not disclosed
IACuDiT09/01/2022to be confirmedIACuDiT member €300non IACuDiT member €380Student fee €280Virtual presentations €280Accompanying partner €250
ILTM09/19/2022, 05/03/2022, 05/09/2022, 04/11/2022Riviera Maya, Mexico - São Paulo - Dubai - Cape TownILTM is an invitation-only event
ABAV Expo09/21/2022Recife, BrazilContact ABAV Expo for pricing
FIT America Latina10/01/2022Buenos Aires, Argentina Not available
IMEX America10/17-20/2022Las Vegas, US Space Only (100 sq.ft.) – $11,800, Hardwall Booth (100 sq.ft.) – $13,800
Les Rencontres Nationales du Etourisme10/11/2022Pau, FranceThe cost of registration is 175 € HT (220 € TTC) for participants from New Aquitaine, 265 € HT (328 € TTC).
ITB Asia10/19-21/2022SingaporeCompleted Stand Package – $5,271.55 + (applicable GST*), Enhanced Completed Stand Package – starts at $20,435.45, Raw Space – starts at $5,017.90 per 9sqm
TTG12/01/2022Rimini, ItalyTTG pricing is available upon request.
IFTM10/2022Paris, FranceNot available at the moment.
IGLTA10/26-29/2022Milan, ItalyDiscounted Early Registration – Small $395 and Large $995
Phocuswright11/14-17/2022Phoenix, ArizonaPrice per ticket $3,199

North America

1. IMEX America

IMEX America

🗓 October 11, 2022, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

IMEX America is the largest travel and consumer event on the continent. The event is all about creating opportunities to get the latest industry knowledge, meet colleagues, and keep your fingers on the sector’s pulse. Over 4,000 exhibiting companies and 12,000 participants take part in the event every year. It attracts brilliant speakers who tackle the latest challenges industry faces and how to overcome them.

Who should go

Imex America attracts domestic suppliers, global tourist offices and convention bureaus, major hotel companies, conference and exhibition centers, cruise lines, airlines, spa resorts, technology providers, event management specialists, and many more.

Cost: Space Only (100 sq.ft.) – $11,800, Hardwall Booth (100 sq.ft.) – $13,800

Website: https://www.imexamerica.com/

How to apply

You can apply directly via their official website.

2. Travel & Adventure Show

🗓 April 2, Dallas

Travel & Adventure Show enables tourism professionals to meet travel celebrities. Like most of the events on this list, it is a fantastic networking opportunity. The 2022 keynote speakers are Peter Greenberg (Reporter and Producer and CBS News Travel Editor) and Pauline Frommer (Editorial Director of the Frommer Guides and Publisher of Frommers.com).

Who should go

Everyone, from property owners to OTAs, is welcome at the Travel & Adventure Show.

Cost: $18 per ticket for attendees and the price for exhibitors available on request.

Website: https://travelshows.com/shows/dallas/

How to apply

To apply as an exhibitor, contact them directly. If you want to attend you can buy tickets here.

3. ILTM North America

🗓 September 19, Riviera Maya, Mexico

ILTM North America always aims to provide value and a great experience to all participants.

Who should go

ILTM North America is perfect for travel brands, advisors, and media.

Cost: ILTM is an invitation-only event.

Website: https://www.iltm.com/north-america/en-gb.html

How to apply

Exhibitors can send an inquiry here, buyers here, and media here.

4. Destinations International

🗓 July 19, 2022, Toronto

The “Destinations International” event is primarily oriented around the needs of destination organizations. The event’s primary goal is to keep the participants well-informed of the latest developments in the sector. It also serves to inspire and educate Destinations International members. Past keynotes include Wes More (best-selling author) and Kevin Brown.

Who should go

There are really no limits here. The convention attracts businesses of all sizes and attendees of different job levels.

Cost: The prices for the 2022 annual conference are still not disclosed.

Website: https://destinationsinternational.org/

How to apply

Contact Destinations International via email to apply for the conference.


🗓 April 18, 2022, Tri-Cities Washington

TBEX advertises as the home of travel creatives. It is focused on helping companies in the travel sector re-imagine the travel industry through the use of emerging tech and new approaches. The noteworthy keynote speakers include Anton Diaz, Kei Shibata, and Carol Cain.

Who should go

TBEX event is perfect for DMO’s, travel companies, marketing professionals, and a wide range of travel creators, including influences, podcasts, and bloggers.

Cost: Travel industry professionals – $497, Travel creators – $377

Website: https://tbexcon.com/2021-north-america/

How to apply

To apply, you need to buy a ticket via the official website.

6. Phocuswright

🗓 November 14, 2022, Phoenix, Arizona

Phocuswright is a standard event to some extent – it attracts businesses of all sizes. However, one thing makes it a must-visit event — it focuses on highlighting companies and professionals that bring innovation to the travel industry.

Who should go

If you are interested in discovering solutions with truly transformative power, you should definitely visit this event.

Cost: Price per ticket $3,199

Website: https://www.phocuswrightconference.com/

How to apply

You can register at the official website.


🗓 January 19, 2022, Republica Dominicana

FITUR is an international travel event organized and managed by IFEMA Madrid. It attracts leaders in the field, brings in travel tech companies, and streamlines networking. 

Who should go

FITUR 2022 will be great to visit if you are interested in keeping up with the trends in the industry. Whether you are a big or small company, FITUR can help you unlock your full potential. 

Cost: You can discuss costs with IFEMA Madrid once you submit a new exhibitor registration request.

Website: https://www.ifema.es/en/fitur

How to apply

For passes and tickets, click here. If you want to exhibit, click here.

South America

1. World Travel Market LATAM

🗓 April 5, 2022, São Paulo

The World Travel Market is all about creating opportunities for professionals in the hospitality tourism sector. The event provides networking tools and enables companies to network. WTM is also about emerging technologies able to transform the industry and make travel businesses more profitable.

Who should go

WTM attracts property owners, agencies, and OTAs. However, it also attracts travel tech companies, government ministers, international press, and travel industry professionals. 

Cost: You need to submit a sales brochure request to discover the cost of exhibiting at WTM.

Website: https://www.wtm.com/

How to apply

You can take part in WTM by sending an inquiry.

2. ILTM Latin America

🗓 May 3, São Paulo

ILTM has an event in Latin America too. It attracts top travel brands, advisors, and media.

Website: https://www.iltm.com/latin-america/en-gb.html 

3. FIT America Latina

🗓 October 1, 2022, Buenos Aires

FIT America Latina is one of the leading events in South America. It connects suppliers with visitors and aims to facilitate contact with strategic partners and providers. 

Who should go

If you are interested in doing business with partners from South America, FIT America Latina is definitely an event to consider.

Cost: Not available.

Website: https://fit.org.ar/en

How to apply

Here is the form you need to fill to book your stand.

4. Emotions

🗓 February 13, Buenos Aires

This is a small and niche travel event. Nevertheless, it is quite popular. The event lasts for four days, during which buyers can meet travel suppliers face to face.

Who should go

Emotions might be perfect for you if you want to attract more travelers and expand your brand.

Cost: You need to send an inquiry about the prices.

Website: https://www.emotionstravelcommunity.com/buenosaires/Emotions-2022

How to apply

Exhibitors can apply via this link and buyers via this one.

5. ST Alphe Brazil Online

🗓 March 16, 2022

ST Alphe Brazil Online is one of the best online conferences scheduled for 2022 in South America. It attracts prominent travel agents.

Who should go

This is a fantastic event for people interested in learning about the ins and outs of the travel sector. It caters to the needs of students but can also help travel agents with networking.

Cost: Agents attend for free. The price for educators and service providers is £1,750(+ VAT for UK schools and businesses) each.

Website: https://studytravel.network/alphe-online/st-alphe-brazil-online-2022

How to apply

You can apply via the official website.

6. Vitrina Turística

🗓 February 23, 2022, Bogota, Colombia 

Vitrina Turistica is the leading travel show in Colombia. It’s a place where all the key brands in the travel sector meet, including government officials and travel professionals. 

Who should go

You should go to Vitrina Turistica if you want to sell to Colombian travelers and aim to partner with other companies in the vertical. 

Cost: Contact the sales team to find out more about pricing.

Website: https://vitrinaturistica.anato.org/

How to apply

Here are all the documents you need to exhibit at this event.

7. ABAV Expo

🗓 September 21, 2022, Recife, Brazil

ABAV Expo is a must-visit travel event in Brazil for many exhibitors and travel agents. It stands as an opportunity to strengthen your brand. Organized by the largest organization in the tourist sector, ABAV Expo attracts hundreds of successful companies and individuals.

Who should go

The ABAV Expo is perfect for travel agents eager to discover attractive destinations, services, and tourism products. Plus, it is a networking event so you’ll get to meet a lot of people.

Cost: Contact ABAV Expo for pricing.

Website: https://en.abavexpo.com.br/

How to apply

To apply for the ABAV Expo, you should contact the ABAV Expo & Collab team.


1. World Travel Market

🗓 November 7, 2022, ExCel London

Website: https://www.wtm.com/london/en-gb.html 

2. Les Rencontres Nationales du Etourisme

🗓 October 11, 2022, The Palais Beaumont in Pau, France

Les Rencontres Nationales du Etourisme is a ten-year-old event that brings up to 1,000 people together every year. The event’s primary focus is identifying new technologies and digital technologies and discovering ways to use them to achieve business success. Some of the speakers include Francois Bitouzet (Managing Director of PublicisLive), Remy Knafou (professor emeritus at the University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), and Anais Devaux (Head of Travel & Mobility – TikTok France).

Who should go

Les Rencontres Nationales du Etourisme caters to the needs of destination managers. 

Cost: The cost of registration is 175 € HT (220 € TTC) for participants from New Aquitaine, 265 € HT (328 € TTC).

Website: https://rencontres-etourisme.fr/

How to apply

Their website is currently under construction, but you can get more info on their Facebook page.

3. IACuDiT

🗓 September 1, 2022, Hydra Island Greece

IACuDiT is a unique event attractive to hotel managers, travel agents, and OTAs. It’s focused on identifying the latest challenges in the travel sector and how technology can help improve operations. Keynote speakers include Serban Andreea (Director of Doctoral School of Economics at

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies, Romania) and Dália Liberato (Tourism Professor, School of Hospitality and Tourism Polytechnic Institute of Porto).

Who should go

Anyone interested in critical and interdisciplinary conversations should visit the event. Every year the organizers have a new theme.

Cost: Participant IACuDiT member €300, Participant non-IACuDiT member €380, Student fee €280,

Virtual presentations €280, and Accompanying partner €250

Website: https://iacudit.org/

How to apply

The application for the 2022 conference is not up yet. Once it is, you will be able to apply directly via IACuDiT official website.


🗓 October 26, 2022, Milan, Italy

IGLTA stands for The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association Global Convention. Simply put, it is a networking event for LGBT professionals. IGLTA keynote speakers include big names such as Daniela Wagner (Group Business Development Director at Jacobs Media Group & Director of EMEA) and Zoe Moore (Inclusive Hospitality Consultant & Strategist).

Who should go

If you are an LGBT tourism professional, IGLTA is perfect for you.

Cost: Discounted Early Registration – Small $395 and Large $995

Website: https://www.igltaconvention.org/?utm_source=iglta-conference-header-bar&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=2021-convention

How to apply

You can apply via their registration form on the IGLTA official website.

5. ITT

🗓 June 14, 2022, Istanbul

Institute of Travel & Tourism is an event for ITT members. It mainly attracts individuals and companies from the UK travel sector. ITT is all about networking and social activities in between conference sessions.

Who should go

ITT is open to ITT members and their partners.

Cost: Delegate – £535, Companion – £285

Website: https://www.ittconference.co.uk/

How to apply

To apply for ITT, click on this link.


🗓 March 15, 2022, Moscow

Over the years, MITT has grown into a very popular B2B travel and tourism trade show in Russia and the largest in its category. It attracts exhibitors from Russia but also from all corners of the world. 

Who should go

MITT is a B2B show, and it attracts representatives from all segments of the tourism industry, ranging from hospitality to transportation.

Cost: MITT sales brochure is still not available. 

Website: https://mitt.ru/ 

How to apply

Click herefor a ticket or book your stand here

7. TTG

🗓 October 12, 2022, Rimini

TTG strives to grow beyond a travel trade show. It attracts more people with every passing year, including professionals and experts in the travel industry. The event is also focused on addressing the latest trends in the industry for the current year. 

Who should go

TTG is a great opportunity to network, discover interesting solutions, and form long-lasting partnerships with other brands in the travel sector.

Cost: TTG pricing is available upon request.

Website: https://en.ttgexpo.it/ 

How to apply

You can send an inquiry at the following link


🗓 October 2022, Paris

IFTM is one of the most popular trade shows in France. It attracts exhibitors from all over the world. It is a great opportunity to expand and grow your business and discover what your competitors are doing.

Who should go

IFTM is suited for SMBs in the travel sector. You should definitely consider visiting it if you want to expand into the European travel market. 

Cost: iftm prices for next year’s event are still not disclosed.

Website: https://www.iftm.fr/en-gb.html

How to apply

You can register as an exhibitor on the official website after talking to IFTM representatives.

9. ITB Berlin

🗓 March 9, 2022, Berlin

Although in Berlin, ITB is an international event known to attract the biggest players from the global travel industry. Its focus is on bringing key players together to come up with solutions to drive the sector forward.

Who should go

ITB Berlin is the perfect event for OTAs and travel agencies focused on expanding their reach and pursuing new business opportunities. 

Cost: Regular price 205 EUR, Minimum 20 square meters, Communication Package is mandatory and costs 109 EUR

Website: https://www.itb.com/en/

How to apply

If you want to register as an exhibitor, click here, or click here to register as a segment exhibitor.


1. World Travel Market

🗓 May 11, 2022, Dubai

Website: https://www.wtm.com/atm/en-gb.html 

2. ILTM Arabia

🗓 May 9, Dubai

Website: https://www.iltm.com/arabia/en-gb.html 

3. TTF

🗓 February 4, Bengaluru

🗓 February 9, Mumbai

🗓 February 25, Chennai

🗓 October 7, Delhi

With 30 years of history, TTF is the largest travel trade show in India. The event is focused on knowledge sharing and P2P networking.

Who should go

TTF is great for travel agencies and OTAs as it attracts thousands of buyers.

Cost: TTF Bengaluru $295 per square meter, TTF Mumbai $395 per square meter, TTF Chennai $295 per square meter, TTF Delhi $495 per square meter

Website: https://www.ttfotm.com/

How to apply

You can apply as an exhibitor via this link and as an attendee via this link.

4. ITB Asia

🗓 October 19, Singapore

ITB Asia is one of the largest events in Asia. It attracts companies from over 180 countries worldwide to present their products and services. The event is B2B exclusive and attracts companies that deliver all kinds of solutions ranging from event management to responsible tourism.

Who should go

If you had to pick one event in Asia to visit, this is the one you should consider ITB Asia. It attracts travel companies of all sizes and leading professionals in the sector.

Cost: Completed Stand Package – $5,271.55 + (applicable GST*), Enhanced Completed Stand Package – starts at $20,435.45, Raw Space – starts at $5,017.90 per 9sqm

Website: https://www.itb-asia.com/

How to apply

If you want to register for a stand, click here. In case you wish to register as a speaker, click here.


🗓 February 16, India Expo Mart, Greater Noid, Delhi NCR

SATTE is the biggest travel event in south Asia. It’s an event where you can do business, exchange ideas, and share knowledge. At the focus of the event, we have solution-driven innovations bound to enable growth in the sector.

Who should go

If you are interested in discovering inbound and outbound tourism opportunities in South Asia, you should definitely visit the event.

Cost: Pricing for the 2022 event is still not available.

Website: https://satte.in/

How to apply

To book a stand, click here. To register as a visitor, click here.


1. World Travel Market

🗓 April 11, 2022, Cape Town

Website: https://www.wtm.com/africa/en-gb.html 

2. ILTM Africa

🗓 April 11, 2022, Cape Town

Website: https://www.iltm.com/africa/en-gb.html 



🗓 March 21, Melbourne

AIME stands for the Asia Pacific Incentives and Meetings Event. It is a leading trade event for all parties involved in the travel sector. The main goal of the event is to connect buyers with exhibitors.

Who should go

You should definitely visit AIME if you are focused on attracting tourists and businesses interested in the Asia Pacific region.

Cost: You will need to contact AIME directly to discover the prices for different exhibitor packages.

Website: https://aime.com.au/

How to apply

You can register for AIME at the following link.

2. Destination Australia

🗓 March 3, 2022, Melbourne

Organized and managed by Tourism Australia, Destination Australia is an annual event designed to bring everyone in the travel sector together. The organizers often call high-profile speakers to discuss current challenges and ways to overcome them.

Who should go

If you want to ensure the success of your Australia-based travel business, then this is definitely the event you should visit.

Cost: $150 physical attendance, $50 online only

Website: https://www.tourism.australia.com/en/events-and-tools/industry-events/previous-industry-events/destination-australia-conference-2022.html.

How to apply

Registration is still not open.

3. Australian Tourism Exchange

🗓 May 2022, Online

Australian Tourism Exchange is a leading online trade show in Australia. It attracts thousands of buyers and sellers. The event’s primary goal is to ensure business growth in the sector and provide SMBs with additional opportunities to grow.

Who should go

You should go to the Australian Tourism Exchange if you want to meet buyers, close more deals, and learn about the latest best practices in the industry.

Website: https://www.tourism.australia.com/en/events-and-tools/business-events-australia.html

Cost: The pricing info is yet to be released.

How to apply

Further information about the event will be coming soon. Stay tuned to the official website to learn how to apply.

As you can see, there are plenty of cutting-edge travel industry events to visit. We’ve categorized them by continent for your convenience. Given that you run a unique operation and have distinctive business goals, we will leave you to decide which event is the best for you.

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