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The 28 Most Innovative Travel Tech Startups Around the World

The 28 Most Innovative Travel Tech Startups Around the World
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Although it suffered tremendously during the pandemic, the travel industry keeps going forwards. In 2020, the entire sector lost more than 60 million jobs and $4.5 trillion. However, it’s coming back to its feet, and some projections indicate that it will again become one of the fastest-growing sectors. It’s expected to reach a market size of $1.5 trillion and a growth rate of 8.5% by 2027. 

travel industry growth prediction until 2027

One reason for such incredibly fast recuperation is travel tech. There are hundreds of innovative travel tech companies focused on delivering powerful solutions to help travel companies achieve operational excellence, generate new revenue streams, and stay above the fold even during the most challenging times.

Here is the list of the most innovative travel tech startups you should know in 2022.

NameCountryProductStageYear of foundationFunds raised
AiraloAsiaeSIMsSeries A2019$7.3 million
TravelFlanAsiaInventory aggregator and more AI productsSeries A2015$7 million
YanoljaAsiaMobile app for hotel reservationsVenture Capital – Series Unknown2005$1.9 billion
BespokeAsiaAI-enabled chatbotSeries B2015$2.6 million
H2O HospitalityAsiaAutomation platform for accommodation facilities managementSeries C2015$48.9 million
MizeMiddle EastFully-automated solution for hotel wholesalers’ profits optimizationSeries B2016Not disclosed
UpStayMiddle EastUpselling platformPre-Seed2019$1 million
ekarMiddle EastGeo-location and mobile-based car rental serviceSeries B2016$17.5 million
ReTravelMiddle EastML-powered retention marketing platformPre-Seed2020N/A
GuestyMiddle EastAutomated property management solutionSeries E2013$284.5 million
Air DoctorMiddle EastPlatform connecting travelers with medical services providersSeries B2016$30.9 million
SafetyWingAmericaInsurtech-powered medical and health insurance for travelersSeries B2017$47.1 million
Mogul HospitalityAmericaRecruitment and brand image optimization platform for travel and hospitality brandsSeed2019$3.1 million
HopperAmericaTravel app with personalized and affordable recommendationsSecondary Market2007$633.7 million
TentrrAmericaPlatform that connects private landowners and travelersSeed2015$17.8 million
SnaptravelAmericaAI-powered travel and accommodation recommendation service for price-conscious travelersSeries B2016$101.4 million
Travel PerkEuropePlatform for business travel booking and managementSeries D2015$408.2 million
123Compare.meEuropeSaaS conversion rate optimization solutionPre-seed2017$250,000
LodgifyEuropeSaaS platform for vacation rental product marketingSeries A2012$6.6 million
QuestoEuropeMobile app and engaging city exploration gamesSeed2017$1.8 million
The Hotels NetworkEuropePlatform for personalizing online booking journeysSeries B2015$15.2 million
TripYeahLATAMAI-based travel meta optimizerSeed2020$14 million
TravelXLATAMBlockchain-based distribution protocolSeed2021$10 million
Rappi TravelLATAMMobile flight and destination booking appSeries E2020$2.2 billion
OnflyLATAMTravel expense, credit card, business travel management solutionSeed2019$390,000
ArrivedoLATAMCurated engaging content for travelersSeed2015$3.9 million
PinguimLATAMAI-powered mobile app for discovering like-minded travelersSeed2019$195,000
Local AdventuresLATAMPlatform for trip discovery, planning, and bookingSeed2016N/A

Asian travel tech startups

The Asian travel tech startup market is quite dynamic, with new startups emerging regularly. We’ve found the following five startups to be the most innovative.


Website: https://www.airalo.com/ 

Product/service description: Airalo is a travel tech startup that offers eSIMs. eSIMs are a great alternative to SIM cards, and they are supported by cutting-edge smartphones. The company’s offer currently includes over 190 eSIMs cards.

Stage: Series A

Year of foundation: 2019

Founders: Abraham Burak and Ahmet Bahadır Özdemir

Funds raised: $7.3M

Why have we included it in the list?

Airalo has secured its position on our list because it enables people to easily stay connected when traveling without spending a fortune on high roaming bills. It offers dedicated apps for both Android and iPhone users.


Website: www.travelflan.com 

Product/service description: TravelFlan is a comprehensive platform leveraging cutting-edge tech, including AI and Big Data, to deliver outstanding experiences to travelers and travel companies.

Stage: Series A

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: Abel Zhao

Funds raised: $7 million

Why have we included it in the list?

We included TravelFlan on our list because it’s a great example of a small team being able to achieve a lot. In just a few years, the startup delivered an inventory aggregator and processor, a big data analytical engine, a supply chain and inventory management system, and a voice- and text-based AI personal concierge. 


Website: www.yanolja.in/ko/ 

Product/service description: Yanolja is one of the most successful travel tech startups in Asia. It delivers an easy-to-use mobile app for hotel reservations. The company uses AI and VR to delight its users.

Stage: Venture – Series Unknown

Year of foundation: 2005

Founders: Lee Sujin

Funds raised: $1.9 billion

Why have we included it in the list?

Yanolja is on our list because the company continues to seek new solutions beyond mobility tech to help the travel industry move forward. The most recent Yanolja strategy was to leverage IoT to create a cloud-based hotel management solution.


Website: www.be-spoke.io 

Product/service description: Bespoke is a startup focused on leveraging AI to deliver a powerful chatbot to travelers. The chatbot can make reservations, offer personalized recommendations, and answer many questions.

Stage: Series B

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: Akemi Tsunagawa

Funds raised: $2.6 million

Why have we included it in the list?

Bespoke is one of the best AI-enabled chatbots with multilingual capabilities in the travel sector. The startup even enabled the Japanese government to use it during the pandemic to deliver critical information to travelers and residents.

H2O Hospitality

Website: www.h2ojapan.co.jp 

Product/service description: H2O Hospitality is among a few startups that have successfully built an in-house automation solution to streamline the management of accommodation facilities. 

Stage: Series C

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: John Lee

Funds raised: $48.9 million

Why have we included it in the list?

What we love about this startup’s tech is that it’s capable of automating all processes through a PMS without any additional human resources on site. That enables the startup to guarantee lowered operational costs.

Middle East travel tech startups 

There are a dozen Middle East-based travel tech startups, especially in Israel. You can find the most innovative ones below.


Website: mize.tech 

Product/service description: Mize offers profit optimization solutions to facilitate higher profits. Using big data enables hotel booking businesses and hotel resellers to easily manage post-booking revenue and become more competitive in their markets. 

Stage:  Series B

Year of foundation: 2016

Founders: Dor Krubiner, Guy Levitan, and Omry Litvak

Funds raised: $4.4 million

Why have we included it in the list?

Mize is on our list because it helped revolutionize revenue management as we know it. Instead of optimizing the selling-side and pre-booking processes, it enables companies to do buy-side and post-booking revenue management.


Website: www.upstay.tech 

Product/service description: UpStay offers hotels a new way to generate additional revenue streams. This easy-to-adopt upselling platform enables hotels to capture more pre-arrival sales, including additional ancillaries and room upgrades.

Stage: Pre-Seed

Year of foundation: 2019

Founders: Tzafrir Blonder

Funds raised: $1 million

Why have we included it in the list?

UpStay doesn’t only unlock new revenue streams, but it’s also completely automated. The staff doesn’t have to do anything, as UpStay works in the background of the existing hotel system. More importantly, it ships out with support for Channel Manager, Booking Engine, and PMS integration.


Website: www.ekar.ae 

Product/service description: ekar is a revolutionized car rental service. Using geo-location and other advanced mobile technologies, ekar delivered an app that enables travelers to benefit from a daily car rental service. 

Stage: Series B

Year of foundation: 2016

Founders: Ravi Bhusari and Vilhelm Hedberg

Funds raised: $17.5 million

Why have we included it in the list?

We included ekar in our list because it uses the latest tech to enable travelers to book and access cars for personal driving use safely and securely. Every car in their network is equipped with tech that enables travelers to unlock and lock them with their smartphones.


Website: www.guesty.com 

Product/service description: While Guesty started small back in 2013, today, it’s one of the world’s leading property management solutions. The platform comes with easy-to-use features to enable property managers to streamline and automate their processes.

Stage: Series E

Year of foundation: 2013

Founders: Amiad Soto and Koby Soto

Funds raised: $284.5 million

Why have we included it in the list?

Guesty is on our list because it is the first end-to-end property management solution for short-term rentals. The company successfully delivers all the nifty features, such as a unified inbox to help managers streamline bookings and check-in & check-out date management.


Website: www.reTravel.io 

Product/service description: ReTravel is a startup aiming to help travel agencies with their upselling and cross-selling efforts. The startup’s marketplace features everything a travel company needs to personalize its offer and attract more travelers. 

Stage: Pre-Seed

Year of foundation: 2020

Founders: Nir Gurevich and Revital Kristal

Funds raised: N/A

Why have we included it in the list?

We added ReTravel to our list because it uses modern technologies such as AI and ML and delivers a solution that travel companies of any size can afford. The level of personalization goes so far that the platform can offer the right product to the right customer via the perfect channel.

Air Doctor

Website: www.air-dr.com 

Product/service description: Air Doctor is a connection technology that enables travelers to find and use medical services wherever they are. The company offers its services online, thus enabling anyone who wants to use them to do it on the go as long as they have an internet connection.

Stage: Series B

Year of foundation: 2016

Founders: Efrat Sagi Ofir, Jenny Cohen Derfler, Yam Derfler, and Yegor Kurbachev

Funds raised: $30.9 million

Why have we included it in the list?

While Air Doctor doesn’t use cutting-edge technologies, it does provide innovative perks to travelers. Given that travelers are more concerned about their health after the Covid pandemic, Air Doctor’s vast medical network of physicians can encourage travelers to book packages and be more relaxed.

American travel tech startups

The American travel tech startup scene doesn’t fall behind its Asian and Middle East counterparts. The market is quite diverse, with startups leveraging tech to achieve all sorts of objectives. Here are the top five travel tech startups in North America. 


Website: https://www.safetywing.com/

Product/service description: This is one of the unique tech travel startups, more precisely, insurtech travel startups. SafetyWing specializes in providing health and medical insurance to remote individuals and businesses. 

Stage: Series B

Year of foundation: 2017

Founders: Hans Nyvold Kjellby, Lona Alia, Sarah Beyahte Sandnes, and Sondre Rasch

Funds raised: $47.1 million

Why have we included it in the list?

This innovative insurtech startup has reserved its spot on our list of travel tech startups because it creates freedom for travelers. Its innovative approach to travel insurance enables travelers across borders to get travel and medical incident insurance even while abroad.

Mogul Hospitality

Website: https://www.mogulhospitality.com/ 

Product/service description: Mogul Hospitality is a next-gen platform to enable companies to easily identify and contact top talent in the industry. Its focus is on enabling travel and hospitality brands to build trust and thrive on the unique values they offer to their clients. 

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation: 2019

Founders: Alexander Mirza and Yvonne Choi

Funds raised: $3.1 million

Why have we included it in the list?

We’ve added Mogul Hospitality to the list because it packs some really powerful features, including talent acquisition and data analytics, service profit chain management tools, and experiential training and learning platform. 


Website: www.hopper.com 

Product/service description: Hopper is a travel tech startup that came up with the travel app. The app uses big data and predictive analytics to make relevant and affordable travel recommendations to its users. 

Stage: Secondary Market

Year of foundation: 2007

Founders: Frederic Lalonde and Joost Ouwerkerk

Funds raised: $633.7 million

Why have we included it in the list?

Hopper is a perfect example of a well-aged travel tech startup. We added it to our list because they were among the first startups to recognize the value of big data and the future of smartphones. Today Hopper mobile app helps thousands of travelers worldwide to find the best hotel and flight deals. 


Website: https://www.tentrr.com/ 

Product/service description: Tentrr is one of the few travel tech startups that truly revolutionized how people interact with campsite-related travel products without reinventing the wheel. Tech-wise, the company uses a simple website with advanced location-based search functionality. It enables people to book campsites on private land. 

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: Eloise Bune and Michael D’Agostino

Funds raised: $17.8 million

Why have we included it in the list?

While Tentrr doesn’t use new tech, we added it to our list because it revolutionized the campsite booking process. By enabling landowners to interact directly with travelers, Tentrr successfully facilitated local economic growth throughout the country, secured new revenue streams for landowners, and promoted natural locations.


Website: www.snaptravel.com 

Product/service description: Snaptravel is a travel tech startup that built its solution around AI. Their platform leverages AI to identify relevant, affordable hotels and flights for every traveler. Snaptravel’s price-conscious users can also use the platform to book accommodations and transport.

Stage: Series B

Year of foundation: 2016

Founders: Henry Shi and Hussein Fazal

Funds raised: $101.4 million

Why have we included it in the list?

Snaptravel is an excellent example of how a travel tech startup can create astonishing results when thinking out of the box. In fact, Snaptravel used its message-driven platform to create Snapcommerce, which is a platform that enables users to find the products they need at the most affordable prices. 

European travel tech startups

The European travel tech startup market is blooming. There are dozens of startups in this niche offering a wide range of solutions to companies in the sector. The following five emerge as the top ones when it comes to innovation. 

Travel Perk

Website: www.travelperk.com 

Product/service description: The team at Travel Perk has come up with a comprehensive platform for business travel booking and management. This startup, with headquarters based in Barcelona, offers an end-to-end solution for the business travel needs of any company. 

Stage: Series-D

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: Avi Meir, Javier Suarez, Ron Levin

Funds raised: $408.2 million

Why have we included it in the list?

It’s great to have a platform that allows you to book and manage business travel – and Travel Perk does it in a very convenient and intuitive way offering deep insights into travel spending. It also allows users to get information on their companies’ carbon impact updated in real-time.


Website: https://123compare.me/en/ 

Product/service description: 123Compare.me is a travel tech SaaS company focused on creating a perfect conversion rate optimization solution for the hospitality industry. It enables travelers to easily compare prices on official websites and OTAs, thus enabling them to get the best deal.

Stage: Pre-seed

Year of foundation: 2017

Founders: Jordi Serra and Pau Ferret

Funds raised: Approximately $250.000

Why have we included it in the list?

We decided to add 123Comapre.me to the top travel tech startup list because they offer a sophisticated solution that compares direct booking and OTAs’ prices in real-time. It’s one of the few travel tech solutions that promote direct booking.


Website: www.lodgify.com 

Product/service description: Lodgify startup entered the market with one goal – to simplify marketing for vacation rental product providers. They came up with a comprehensive SaaS platform for vacation rental property managers and owners.

Stage: Series A

Year of foundation: 2012

Founders: Dennis Klett and Marco De Gregorio

Funds raised: $6.6 million

Why have we included it in the list?

Lodgify secured its position on our list because it makes a huge difference for vacation rental owners and managers when it comes to marketing and management properties. Its intuitive dashboard enables users to establish an online presence, facilitate online booking, and synchronize data across all online platforms. 


Website: www.questoapp.com 

Product/service description: Questo enables travelers to explore cities in a brand-new way. The startup has created an app that enables creators to come up with engaging city exploration games. The app currently supports both Android and iPhone devices and features over 100 city exploration games. 

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation: 2017

Founders: Alexandru Govoreanu

Funds raised: $1.8 million

Why have we included it in the list?

We’ve added Questo to our list because it enables travelers worldwide to experience cities like never before. The app is quite engaging as it offers games centered around a wide range of themes such as movies, local legends, books, and historical facts. 

The Hotels Network

Website: www.thehotelsnetwork.com 

Product/service description: The Hotels Network’s innovative approach to growth hacking enables hotels to attract more guests and increase bookings through a direct channel. The platform leverages several technologies to allow hotels to personalize online booking journeys for all guests individually. 

Stage: Series B

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: Juanjo Rodriguez, Laura Martinez Celada, Marc Rollan Serrano

Funds raised: $15.2 million

Why have we included it in the list?

What we love about the Hotels Network is its well-planned and comprehensive platform. It comes with all the features hotels need to attract and engage new potential guests. It also uses predictive personalization to deliver memorable experiences to potential guests, thus increasing conversion rates and boosting direct bookings.

Latam travel tech startups

If you want to see what’s going on in the Latam travel tech startup niche, you need to check out the following companies.


Website: www.tripyeah.com 

Product/service description: TravelYeah is a startup that offers a comprehensive travel meta optimizer. The company uses AI, ML, and sophisticated algorithms to process thousands of data points and create personalized and the most optimal travel itineraries for travel agents.

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation: 2020 

Founders: Elias Musalem, Fernando Ordonez, and Miguel Rodriguez

Funds raised: $14 million

Why have we included it in the list?

We’ve added TripYeah to our list because the startup uses next-gen technologies to create next-gen solutions. Their travel meta optimizer is one of its kind in helping travel agents create itineraries that reflect the unique needs and preferences of travelers.


Website: www.travelx.io 

Product/service description: TravelX specializes in providing online travel services. But there is one thing that makes their services unique. The startup uses blockchain technology, thus making its retailing and distribution platform transparent, secure, efficient, and decentralized.

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation:  2021

Founders: Juan Lafosse

Funds raised: $10 million

Why have we included it in the list?

TravelX has secured its spot on our list because the startup revolutionizes travel product distribution and retailing. Thanks to blockchain, travel companies can easily tokenize their travel and transportation product inventory to facilitate sales across borders while reducing costs and generating more revenue


Website: https://travel.rappi.com/ 

Product/service description: Following great success, Columbian startup Rappi decided to tap into a new vertical by launching Rappi Travel startup. Rappi allows users to book flights to destinations worldwide through an Android or iPhone mobile app. 

Stage: Series E

Year of foundation: 2020 Rappi Travel (2015 Rappi)

Founders: Juan Pablo Ortega, Sebastian Mejia, Felipe Villamarin, Guillermo Plaza Roche, and Simón Borrero

Funds raised: $2.2 billion

Why have we included it in the list?

We’ve added Rappi Travel to our list because the startup’s team seems to never settle down with an achievement. Instead, they always look for new innovative solutions to help the tourism sector recuperate and provide additional support to travelers. 


Website: https://www.onfly.com.br/ 

Product/service description: Onfly is a startup that delivers next-gen solutions for business travel. It also offers solutions for travel expense management and credit cards. Its focus is on small and medium businesses in LATAM. 

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation: 2019

Founders: Marcelo Linhares

Funds raised: $390,000

Why have we included it in the list?

Business travel is an important aspect of business management for many companies. And we’ve added Onfly because it offers companies everything they need to manage their business travels through one platform. 


Website: https://arrivedo.com/ 

Product/service description: Arrivedo leverages cutting-edge technologies to create and curate content for travelers. It enables travel companies to drive user engagement rates by offering them a way to tell a story about every destination in their offer. 

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation: 2015

Founders: Alonso Franco and Rodrigo Lopez

Funds raised: $3.9 million

Why have we included it in the list?

We added Arrivedo to the list because it’s a perfect example of how to leverage popular technologies to delight travelers. The app curates every guide, ensuring that only the most complete and engaging guides are available to hotels, travel agencies, and tourism boards. The content is dynamic, and users can access it through a map easily embeddable on a website or in an app.


Website: https://pinguim.app.br/ 

Product/service description: Pinguim is a tech and tourism startup devoted to changing the way people interact with travel packages. The app leverages AI to help connect people who share common travel goals and those that want to have the same experiences and same destinations.

Stage:  Seed

Year of foundation: 2019

Founders: Renata Franco

Funds raised: $195,000

Why have we included it in the list?

Pinguim has secured its spot on our list because it offers something brand new to people who enjoy traveling. Thanks to the AI and easy-to-use app, travelers can now meet like-minded people and explore the world together. 

Local Adventures

Website: https://localadventures.travel/ 

Product/service description: Local Adventure is a travel tech startup that specializes in offering accessible solutions to enable clients to easily plan and book their trips. The company also offers innovative fintech solutions to help clients get access to more flexible arrangements.

Stage: Seed

Year of foundation: 2016

Founders: Daniel Peña, Moises Vera, and Sebastian Nicolas Rodríguez Romero

Funds raised: N/A

Why have we included it in the list?

Local Adventures is on the list because it doesn’t just offer any travel experience to travelers. The company tropicalizes and validates experiences using technology to ensure only the best ones are available to clients. The company has also helped LATAM tourists get access to international travel packages.


According to CB Insights, the global travel tech startup space lost over 30% of funding in 2020. Nevertheless, some startups managed to attract tech investors by embracing innovation. 

The 25 startups you had the chance to discover above are on our travel tech market map. While each one brings unique value, they all have one thing in common – they help recuperate the travel sector

As you can see, these startups use both proven and emerging technologies to achieve various goals, from improving the traveling experience to enabling travel companies to capture more profit and generate new revenue streams. 

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