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Mize x wbe.travel webinar recap

Mize x wbe.travel webinar recap
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Last month, we had the pleasure of co-hosting a travel-tech webinar with wbe.travel. 

Our partner wbe.travel, the European-based company provides a complete, robust software suite, hosted in the cloud, built for travel companies such as DMCs, TMCs, Travel Agencies, Wholesalers, and Niched travel businesses. Their off-the-shelf software suite covers a full range of processes from inventory sourcing, contracting, and mid-office management to selling via various selling channels for B2B, B2C, Corporate, and even via XML Out.

We put together this webinar so more travel agents, tour operators, and professionals in the travel sector could learn more about Mize’s ability to increase their margins. During this session, we showcased the various ways in which our business partnership has benefited wbe.travel’s clients and their customers. We were thrilled to see dozens of industry leaders in the travel technology sector gather to hear how Mize’s innovative products could benefit their companies.

Radu Constantin, Director Of Sales And Business Development at wbe.travel, kicked off the session with an informative introduction to wbe.travel’s history with Mize (now “Mize”). He highlighted some key ways our partnership had succeeded thus far. One of the main wbe.travel values is customer satisfaction, and Radu emphasized how beneficial Mize’s services have been to their customers.

Technology is playing a key role in the travel industry. Mize is a perfect fit for companies like wbe.travel, which aspire to offer only the most updated solutions to their customers. For example, technology has revolutionized the way people plan and book their trips, with online booking platforms making it easier and faster for travelers to find and compare deals on flights and accommodations.

That is why our very own Director of Strategic Partnerships at Mize, Ido Nalos, took to the stage to present some of our most popular products that have already benefited numerous companies.

Which innovations could help travel companies be more efficient?

There were a few that the participants in the webinar mentioned that are worth highlighting:

1. Flexibility in finding new ways of increasing profit margins

Ido indicated that Mize’s innovative solutions could increase the profit margins for any type of firm in the travel sector, regardless of its size or specialty. Not only are those solutions beneficial for travel companies, but their customers can also utilize them. 

He went on to explain how our products are designed to meet the unique needs of each client and how they can work together to maximize and fulfill profit potential and streamline the booking experience. Being able to customize tech solutions to fit any company’s needs fully keeps travel companies competitive and relevant. 

The travel industry is continuously evolving, and at any moment, a product or service can lose purpose. This is why Mize places a significant emphasis on innovation research and collaboration with travel leaders to stay the number one leader in rebooking solutions and explore new paths to create a competitive advantage

Mize also offers our clients hands-on customer support, making our solutions more accessible and personalized. Customer support is key as it builds trust, improves brand loyalty, and provides a competitive advantage. Ido emphasized that our products are ready to adapt to your company’s needs related to the booking optimization process while the CS team constantly monitors the adaptation’s impact on the client’s profits to ensure client satisfaction. 

2. Maximizing results without limitations 

Mize identified a gap in the market for post-booking optimization. From collecting precise data points and capital market ideas and insights to creating room mapping and matching with predictive algorithms to increase profits, Mize is there for every step of the booking process.

Using big data to accurately predict the best times to save our clients money has altered how customers look and react to the booking industry

Fintech solutions can benefit companies and their clients alike, so we wanted the chance to build solutions for their clients directly, putting booking optimization capability into the customer’s hands. 

3. Fintech: Always innovating and growing 

As a travel-tech company with financial expertise,  the team explained how it is focused on optimization services but is also transitioning to become a hotel supplier, allowing companies to increase their profit margins for bookings further when connecting to a super competitive provider. In fact, we are already working on developing more products geared towards consumers rather than just businesses.

These new products will aid in all steps of the booking process. The pre-booking time frame, the moment the customer books, and the post-booking window will all soon have Mize products contributing to profit generation for our clients and their customers.  

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it is that sometimes, travel plans can end up out of your control. A winter storm could ground your flight, or a family member could fall ill, and the last thing you want to worry about is losing all of the money you spent planning a trip that is no longer being taken. 

Since many of Mize’s new products are geared toward the customer, we hope to eliminate the stress that comes with a canceled trip. For example, booking a room with a “free cancellation” policy can be more expensive than a traveler might be willing to pay; therefore booking a non-refundable rate with the assumption that the trip would go as planned. Mize’s new product special refundable will offer a more attractive price that is cheaper than the “free cancellation” rate but will still preserve the flexibility of claiming a refund in case necessary. Mize is able to build a trustworthy relationship with the customer by using data to find this middle price to create a beneficial environment for both the travel company and the traveler.

As we look towards the future, we are excited to continue expanding our product offerings and helping our clients increase customer flexibility and choice while catering to unforeseen circumstances.

At the end of the session, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and raise some thoughts regarding the flexibility and safety of the solutions. Many were curious about how they could utilize Mize’s solutions and adjust them to benefit their companies, and we were happy to provide them with detailed answers and information.

Some of our newest products, such as special refundable and watch prices, are sure to be a hit with both businesses and consumers alike. We can’t wait to share more information with you soon!

Check out the video of the webinar here to go deeper and learn more about Mize and wbe.travel’s efforts. 

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