Or Eldar Izchak
Software Engineer
Or is a software engineer with extensive experience in high-tech companies. As a senior software developer, he is responsible for the development of management software products produced by Mize. Prior to joining Mize, Or worked as Senior Full Stack Developer at Zap Group and Matrix. He has a BSc in Computer Sciences from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Jaffa.
how does a neural network work?

How does a neural network work? Implementation and 5 examples

Artificial neural networks can be considered as one of the popular subject areas in computer science. The reason behind that is their ability to perform critical artificial intelligence-related tasks such as image classification and recognition, credit card fraud detection, medical and disease recognition, etc. What is a neural network? Simply said, a neural network is […]

Big Data Can Improve Revenue Management in the Travel Industry

Big Data Can Improve Revenue Management in the Travel Industry

Big data has become a vital asset in many different industries in recent years. With so many people sharing their information online and platforms logging customer behavior, there’s a need for an efficient way to process all that raw information. The travel industry is no different, as owners and managers are constantly discovering new ways […]

ai in travel technology

6 Examples of How AI is Used in the Travel Industry

AI has made advances in many industries since it was invented. The ever-changing travel industry is also taking advantage of AI to revolutionize the way it operates. As a result, nowadays, travel companies highly leverage AI-powered tools and solutions for various processes from travel planning to landing in the destination. Here in this article, you […]

Virtual Reality in Tourism

4 Well-Thought Examples of Virtual Reality in Tourism

Technology has been driving progress in the tourism sector for quite a while now. We’ve seen everything ranging from IoT sensors to sophisticated software implemented throughout the entire landscape. Technology helps companies remain competitive in an increasingly saturated tourism market. The latest addition to the tourism tech stack is virtual reality or simply VR.  Since […]

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