Mor Nissan
Mor is Senior Account Manager, Global Learning & Organizational Development. She holds a M.B.A. in Business and Management, Organizational Behavior and a BA in Hotel and Tourism Management Graduate from Ben Gurion University. The travel industry sparked Mor’s interest because of its endless opportunities and constantly evolving nature. She has more than a decade of experience in the hospitality and travel technology industry in Israel and United States. Mor is currently helping us grow not only with her account management abilities but also improving our cutting edge tool and responsible for many innovative projects that Hotelmize builds for the future, thanks to her analytical and technical skills.
Female Role Models in Travel Tech

International Women’s Day – 8 Female Role Models in Travel Tech Everyone Should Look Up To

The travel tech sector is growing at the speed of light, yet it still feels like we’re light years away from bridging the gender gap completely. We have been taking a look at the current situations and numbers. The 2019 Global Report on Women in Tourism by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) shows […]

An Interview With Cindy Chow - Let’s Talk About Entrepreneurship

An Interview With Cindy Chow – Let’s Talk About Entrepreneurship

Cindy Chow is the senior executive director of Alibaba entrepreneurs fund. She also worked as Senior Director of Finance for Alibaba, one of the world’s largest retailer and eCommerce companies. As one of the largest corporations globally, she ran the international finance front, which is a challenging but meaningful task. Cindy has joined us for […]

online travel booking statistics

7 Mandatory Online Travel Booking Statistics

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the need to travel is more prominent in people across the globe now more than ever. As a species, we have a knack for things we can’t do, and once this whole thing blows over and the borders are open, it’s safe to assume that people will be traveling like […]

b2b revenue management

6 Key Elements for B2B Revenue Management

Traditionally revenue management was initially used in the hotel industry. However, even though they weren’t aware of it, companies from different sectors have also been performing revenue management. It was mostly limited to B2C companies in e-commerce or other sectors, but time has shown that this “business philosophy” isn’t limited to B2C. You can apply […]

How Sales Departments in the Travel Industry are Dealing with Innovation

How Sales Departments in the Travel Industry are Dealing with Innovation

The world of travel tech is very dynamic, making it hard to catch up with the latest developments. Hotelmize entering a partnership with Juniper is one of the latest developments in the sector. To help you catch up with what it implies and what it means for the travel agencies, we’ve invited Astrid Kastberg, Europe […]

destination marketing strategies

The Most Efficient Destination Marketing Strategies and How to Implement Them

Destination marketing is not a brand new thing in the tourism industry. Many hotels, restaurants, and even OTAs saw great value in making a particular destination highly popular. Most of the challenges in the past came from technological restrictions. Today, with a valid digital marketing plan, one can run countless campaigns to increase the popularity […]

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