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Top 5 Social Media Platforms for Travel Agencies and How to Make the Most of Them

Top Social Media Platforms for Travel Agencies
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Gone are the days when travelers sought to disconnect from technology. Today, 74% of people say they use social media while traveling.

Sharing travel experiences through photos, videos and status updates is a clear sign that potential customers are out there, using social media not only for travel inspiration, but also for planning and booking their trips.

Each social network has its own characteristics, purposes and user types. A successful social media strategy for travel agencies begins by considering which platforms are best suited to your type of potential customer and the message you want to convey.


With more than 2.7 billion monthly users, Facebook is still the most used social network in the world. Facebook allows you to create communities centered around a topic of common interest. This is a good opportunity for travel agencies, as 52% of users start following pages related to their next vacation.

Holiday Guru Facebook Page
Almundo Facebook Page

Tips for Facebook

Paid advertising on Facebook is quite accessible and can reach hyper-segmented audiences, so that the message is received by the right person.

A good community manager should share updates that are relevant to the target audience, create a solid community where you interact with users and engage them through contests, open questions, requesting photo captions, among other strategies.

Mundo Joven Facebook Post

If you still don’t have a Facebook page for your business you can create one here.

Example of a successful Facebook campaign

Videos and the carousel format are excellent ways to attract attention on Facebook at the moment. As an example we have the Trentino Marketing tourist office, which managed to place the city of Trentino, Italy, in the sights of thousands of travelers. In four months it registered an 18.4% increase in organic traffic and the campaign reached 13 million people.

Trentino Facebook Campaign

The campaign featured a series of eye-catching short videos about the destination, then those who watched or interacted with the videos were shown carousel ads featuring various travel experiences, such as cycling, water sports, hiking, etc. Finally, Facebook Instant Experiences (formerly known as Canvas) were used to tell stories that would motivate conversions.


97% of millennials say they share photos while traveling. Instagram is the platform par excellence for photos, so travel agencies have a great opportunity to promote themselves on this social network.

Tips for Instagram

Do not limit yourself to photographs, video views have increased 150% in the last six months. It is always important to use images that look professional, but for tourism, this becomes all the more necessary.

In such a competitive market, it is essential to create an identity that defines the company and reflects its values. Whether you’re promoting youth travel, adventure, cultural or business tour packages, you need to be very clear in your visual content and messaging.

Intrepidtravel instagram

Hashtags on Instagram carry almost the same weight as the images. Their keywords give visibility in searches and encourage engagement. 7 out of 10 hashtags are launched by brands.

Ads, despite the paid advertising caption, appear in users’ feeds just like any other post. This is something much more relevant and visible than the classic banner on a website.

Using influencers to promote your product or service can be a smart move. If the profile of the influencer in question has a similar target audience to that of the travel company, the conversion rate may be higher than with other marketing campaigns.  

Travel influencers usually organize competitions and promotions to increase the engagement of their audience. They are direct endorsers of the places they visit, recommending hotels, restaurants and any experience related to the trip they are making. One example is the Instagram account of Chelsea Yamase, a traveler and adventurer who inspires thousands of young people to travel sustainably. Through her blog and Instagram profile, she promotes the destinations she travels to as well as the places where she stays, as of today her IG profile has 1 million followers.

Chelsea Kauai Instagram

If you don’t have Instagram for your business yet, create an account here.

Example of a successful campaign on Instagram

For example, Intrepid Travel has achieved with its hashtag #beintrepid almost twenty thousand tags. With this, it not only gets visibility, it also manages to generate trust among users. For its part, SkyScanner works with influencers to make some posts on its behalf.

Intrepid Travel Instagram Hashtag
travel confident


Undoubtedly, YouTube is the number one video platform. It is even considered the second biggest search engine, just behind Google, so it pays to be well positioned on this platform.

YouTube offers a format that lends itself to longer videos that are excellent for telling stories through video blogs, reviews or sightseeing tours. As an example, consider the channel LUXTRVL, an agency focused on beach vacations for a premium audience, so their videos showcasing luxury hotels, their communications and their graphics match accordingly.

Luxtrvl Travel Agency

Tips for YouTube

The length of the video is not as important as the quality and value of the content. These factors are needed for the user to watch the video to the end and react.

As important as the video itself is the thumbnail, since this small image is the primary driver behind the user deciding whether or not to watch the video.

youtube thumbnails

If you still don’t have a YouTube channel for your company, you can create one here.

Example of a successful YouTube campaign

Storytelling creates an emotional bond with users, who get to see the human side of companies. An excellent example is Booking.com’s “One Mission” campaign. This initiative emerged in 2016, where the company’s employees were motivated to document their personal travel stories in 190 countries. This touching promotional video has more than 5.8 million views to date. 

In 2019 One Mission took a family who had never traveled before on a tour around the world, documenting their incredible experiences.   

Booking Youtube

If you still don’t have a YouTube channel for your company, you can create one here.


As a visual platform, Pinterest works especially well for the travel industry, in fact, it is among the top ten most popular topics on the platform. But its main advantage is that pins are long-lasting and are shared up to a hundred times more than a post on Facebook or other social networks. 

Tips for Pinterest

“Pinning” goes beyond giving a “like” on other networks, since by doing so the user is saving something that fits their own tastes, wishes and desires, and that they want to refer back to at a later date, probably when taking a trip.

Expedia Pinterest

Infographics allow you to show information in a simple, orderly and attractive way, which otherwise would be complex and not very relevant. Pinterest is an excellent place to do this. 

Some useful data that can serve to get the best out of Pinterest’s potential is that 72% of its users are women, and 41% of its users are between 25 and 34 years old.

If you don’t have Pinterest for your business yet, you can create an account here.

Example of a successful Pinterest campaign

Lonely Planet knows how to make good use of Pinterest by creating various types of boards. It also includes third-party content and accepts user contributions, thereby seeking to create a sense of community.

Lonely Planet Pinterest


Undoubtedly, TikTok is the social network of the moment, mainly for people under 30 years old. Its algorithm is very efficient at showing users what they like to see, which is why it is so addictive. The hashtag #TikTokTravel had 6.2 million views in 2019.

Tips for TikTok

With TikTok there are three elements to play with: video, music and special effects. The key to success is using them to generate creative content.

Example of a successful TikTok campaign

An excellent way to gain visibility is to create challenges. For example, Contiki Travel created a contest for users to share their best travel moment with a friend using the hashtags #contikifindyourpeople and #tiktoktravel. The winner would get the chance to work around the world as an official content creator for Contiki.

Contiki TikTok

In conclusion, the major benefit for travel agencies is that their content is usually very visually appealing. Most importantly, you have a great opportunity to connect directly with the younger generations who make social media part of their lives. Remember that before planning any marketing campaign you must be very clear about who your target audience is, and based on this, choose which networks to use and the most appropriate strategies to get your messages across. Don’t forget that your content must be reinforced with a communication strategy that is consistent with your brand.

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