Omry Litvak
Co-Founder & COO
Mize Co-Founder & COO, dynamic entrepreneur with a track record of proven success across the digital, online payments and travel tech industries. Omry worked in a leading Israeli financial institute on the Institutional Clients Operation Desk. Former board member of the leading organization for entrepreneurs in Israel, YEC.
Maximize Profits from your hotel booking segment

How to Maximize profits from your hotel booking segment

The rise of Cloud services and the still-evolving potential of big data have brought a revolution to the travel industry which is still playing out, as noted by McKinsey as far back as 2012. One of the many benefits brought by big data is the ability to predict price fluctuations in hotel rooms and vacation […]

Look to Book Ratio

What is the look-to-book ratio and how you can improve it

What is the look-to-book ratio? The look-to-book or look to book ratio is exactly what it says it is: a comparison of the number of people who visit a website with the number who make a booking. This ratio, if used with other important key performance indicators, can help travel companies understand how effective their […]

How Mize creates value for clients with the data network effect

How Mize creates value for clients with the data network effect

At Mize, we are proud to deliver value to our clients with data-driven solutions. Our mission is to allow for a better business environment in the hotel booking industry by increasing profitability and ensuring the existence and growth of the industry’s key players. How do we achieve this? It all starts with the data.  What […]

How Dynamic Packaging Impacts Tour Operators

Demand Forecasting: Factors Affecting It, Why It is Important, & More

Markets of all sizes around the globe are becoming oversaturated. Meanwhile, harsh competition has made them volatile as well. Consumers have access to more information, which tremendously helps them in making the right purchasing decision. All of it makes the future uncertain for businesses. How does a business thrive and achieve objectives in such a […]

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