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The Asian market has been known for dominating the travel industry, and this reputation is not changing any time soon. Travel in Asia is only expected to grow and thrive more in the upcoming years. If we take a look at the travel industry facts we can clearly see some greater development down the road.

Asia experiences the lead growth of travelers both inbound and outbound. Their OTA market share is on the rise as well. This means that Asia benefits from an abundance of domestic tourism as well as international tourism, giving the Asian sector of travel advantage over most other markets in the industry due to how large it is and the various attractions it encompasses. This impacts how many people travel a year within the region.

The online booking system is transforming the way people travel, and Asian travelers are no exception. According to Karthick Prabu writing for PhocusWire, “Asian travelers are leading the field when it comes to mobile travel bookings and searches performed.” 

Although Asian travelers are seamlessly switching to online bookings, they still seek out the assistance of a travel agency. However, with such a wide array of online travel agencies available, the decision of which travel agency to embark on your planning journey will be a challenge to make. 

Analyzing such a complex and intricate market is not a simple task, so allow us to break the Asian Market down into simple categories for you. We have compiled a list of the top six companies that are leading the travel industry in the Asian market.

TBO Holidays

TBO Holidays is a powerhouse in the Asian Travel market, based out of Dubai and implementing services in over 100 countries worldwide. Crafting the first-ever B2A strategy, TBO Holidays is an innovative and multi-billion dollar enterprise. 

A B2A strategy stands for “Back 2 Agents,” which is intended to point out that travelers are going back to relying on travel agents to ensure their booking experience runs smoothly. TBO Holidays’ Goal in unveiling this method is to assist travel agents in providing the best service possible to their customers. Their extraordinary travel tech and never-seen-before implementations help them soar ahead of competitors in the travel industry. 

TBO Holidays is best known for its wide range of hotel offerings, which includes well over 700,000 properties available to its clients. However, hotel service is not all they have to offer. TBO Holidays is a single platform providing every traveler’s needs. By partnering with TBO Holidays, agents have access to TBO Hotels, TBO Air, TBO Holiday Packages, TBO Car, TBO Academy, TBO Cruise, TBO Transfers, and TBO Sightseeing. Providing customers with the ultimate travel experience has never been easier. 


DidaTravel is a hotel wholesaler established in 2012 that is based in China and works with 23,000 clients worldwide. It has done wonders for the APAC region, offering direct access to directly contracted and third-party global resources. Dida offers its clients access to the most competitive hotel room rates with the most reliable and successful booking process. 

Let’s talk numbers: Based on the 2019 travel industry growth statistics, DidaTravel’s daily value of total sales has reached over 2.55 Million USD. This high turnover has placed DidaTravel in the 2019 Shenzhen top 500 enterprises. 

DidaTravel assists OTAs, TMCs, airlines, TOs, and TAs with data sharing, operational support, local networking, promotional campaigns, and impeccable customer service. 


Mafengwo is a travel website with the unique characteristic of also serving as a social networking platform. Mafengwo noticed an opportunity to thrive in the travel industry and stand out from its competitors: tailoring to the younger generation. 

Young people are more active on the internet than their parents are. Mafengwo noticed this trend and decided to make a travel website that young people can use easily and comfortably. The site offers its customers everything travel related, from transportation to hotel rooms to shopping and entertainment located in their destination. The database offers services in 60,000 destinations all over the world. 

Mafengwo works to give users the resources and tools they need to make their travel experience everything they want and more. Acting as a social networking site, users can post recommendations and share their own travel experiences directly on the sight. 

You can see who else is traveling to the same destination as you are and plan things together, or you can see past posts of visitors and get inspired by what they did when they were there. In today’s day and age, posting online is the most effective way to reach a broad audience, especially the younger generation.

AI technology and big data algorithms used by Mafengwo provide customers with a personalized travel experience. Being the “trendy and cool” option in the market, Mafengwo is redefining the world of online travel agencies. 

CN Travel Group

CN Travel Group is a leading provider of B2B booking services for hotels and leisure travel in Greater China as well as overseas. Using their self-developed E-Booking system, they provide customers with quality hotel bookings. The method used has proven to increase the number of hotel bookings by a large scale for their partners. 

The monthly average of hotel room bookings per night is more than 200,000, ranking CN Travel Group as the largest F.I.T. provider for worldwide bookings in Hong Kong


Alongside an array of hotel room booking options, CN Travel Group also offers travel packages to the travel agents they partner with. CN Travel Group has sold over 2.4 million travel products. 

Their high tech IT platform allows them to distribute hotel rooms, travel products, as well as financial and management services. OTAs, travel agents and hotels all can benefit from CN Travel Company’s success. 


TideSquare has been influential in Korea’s travel industry. In a short seven years, TideSquare has risen to be one of the top five Korean travel agencies. The company has various areas of expertise and business, offering travel services, investing in startups and technologies, participating in conferences and contests, and being a general sales agent. 

Tourvis and PRIVIA Travel are both travel services operated under TideSquare and in partnership with HyundaiCard. Alongside these services, TideSquare has invested in Allstay and BnBHERO, both global accommodation search platforms used to aid customers in finding a place to stay while traveling. 

TideSquare is also involved in BeMyGuest, which provides activities, tours, and attractions for people traveling to Asia. Other service offerings include sites to help customers confirm flight tickets, such as Kyte and Playwings. When you choose to travel with TideSquare, you have access to an abundance of resources to make planning your trip simple.

TideSquare is a lifestyle brand that is shaping the way people travel in Korea. It’s cutting edge technology has allowed it to soar in the field and foster new conversations about travel and technology.

It is apparent that the Asian market is diverse, with different options for different needs and wants. We encourage you to find your best fit, whether it be one of these six companies or one of the countless other options out there. If you are not ready to commit to one of the options above, a few more top companies we recommend are Within Earth, Yundijie, Meituan, and Yanolja.

Here at Hotelmize, our mission is to provide our customers with our cutting-edge technology to optimize profits for travel agents and tour operators. We help our clients grow and become more efficient for them to provide the absolute best service and experience for their travelers. When companies team up with Hotelmize, every party involved excels from our efficient and effective methods. 

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